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As a flight attendant and operating theatre nurse for over 25 years, it was only a matter of time that I would end up with varicose veins, all of those hours standing on my feet fighting against gravity whilst flying and standing in the same position whilst assisting surgeons in the operating suite.

Also both of my parents had suffered from varicose veins and it is hereditary. They both had them surgically removed 20 years ago.

After commencing work at the Me Clinic, I was interested in the treatment of these ugly veins in my legs that would not allow me to wear dresses or skirts or even go to the pool for fear of people seeing my ugly veins.

After speaking with one of the doctors and having a simple consult, the treatment seemed really simple, and my veins were really large, I did not think it was possible to treat them just with an injection. What was required was an ultrasound of both legs, the doctor gave me a referral to aprofessional who could do this for me.

"I had this done and all I needed to do was to make an appointment for the treatment."

Initially I was worried that it would really hurt having all of those needles and having to wear the compression stockings and have my legs taped, but the procedure was a little uncomfortable and the stockings were easy to wear and gave my legs a lot of support. The treatment only took around 30 minutes.


After 5 days I did have some bruising that was still present but all evidence of the varicose veins were gone after one treatment.

You do need to have a follow up treatment a few months after the initial treatment to correct any surface veins that may appear but the results were outstanding.

Such a simple procedure cured a major problem for me, I should have had it attended years ago if I had of known about it.

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