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“I have always been fit and active, and love to exercise. I love fresh, healthy foods, and steer clear of junk food. When I was growing up, I rode horses competitively and played basketball several times a week.

When I was in my early 20’s, I started worrying about what my body looked like. I’ve always had a womanly shape, but no matter how much I exercised, and how well I ate, I couldn’t lose weight around my thighs and stomach. Or if I did lose weight, I looked drastically underweight with a sunken face and no breasts. I was a healthy weight, but felt so unhappy about my legs and stomach. I was constantly battling with my self-esteem and had incredibly low self-confidence.

I started researching lipo-sculpture. Until then, I thought any procedure to remove fat was for really overweight people. All I wanted was my body to look like I felt it should, for all the work I put in."


"Having the lipo-sculpture procedure changed my life."


"I couldn’t believe the difference it made to my confidence and the way I felt about my body. I could see my abdominal muscles, and my legs finally looked toned and fit. The result was completely natural, and it gave me a body I was proud of.”

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