Considering breast implants? Here’s what you need to know…

The decision to undergo any type of cosmetic surgery is one that deserves some thorough research and consideration to ensure you’re fully informed about what you’re committing to.

If you’re considering having breast implant surgery but want to find out more about what’s involved and what to expect, here’s a run-down of the key things you need to know.

Who are breast implants suitable for?

From restoring volume after significant weight loss or rectifying damage caused by pregnancy or breastfeeding, to reconstructing breasts following a mastectomy, creating better asymmetry between both breasts or simply increasing the size of the bust, breast implants can address a range of issues.

While everyone’s requirements and reasons for undergoing breast surgery will be different, the procedure is renowned for achieving fantastic results and giving patient’s a significant confidence boost.

The options

When you undergo breast implant surgery, you’ll be offered a range of options in terms of shape, size, filling and position.

  • Shape: This will depend on the size and projections of the implants and their position which will be discussed at your consultation. You’ll be given the choice between round and teardrop shaped implants. Teardrop implants typically produce a more natural looking result, while round implants will add extra lift to create a more pronounced bust and dramatic cleavage line.
  • Size: Some women want to create a significantly larger bust, while others only want to make a subtle increase to the size of their breasts. For this reason, breast implants come in a range of sizes which are typically measured in cubic centimetres rather than by bra cup size.
  • Filling: Breast implants are available with either a silicone or saline filling. Both types of implants use a silicone outer shell, however silicone implants use a silicone gel filling that feels similar to natural breast tissue, while saline implants are filled with a sterile salt water solution.
  • Position: Breast implants can also be inserted either on top of or underneath the pectoral muscle. Patients with good soft tissue coverage on the upper breast usually prefer the implant to be placed on top of the muscle, while patients with less soft breast tissue may prefer the implant to be placed beneath the muscle to ensure it’s not visible underneath the skin’s surface.

Your surgeon can help you choose the best type of implant to suit your body and what you want to achieve.

The procedure

Breast implant surgery is performed in a hospital using general anaesthetic.

The procedure itself is performed by making a small, unobtrusive incision under the fold of the breast, around the nipple or under the arm. The implant is inserted inside the breast and placed in the correct position before the incision is sutured closed.

The recovery

Immediately after the procedure, it’s likely you’ll feel drowsy from the anaesthetic and will need someone to drive you home and stay with you overnight. It’s important to rest during the initial recovery period.

You will need to attend a post-operative check within the first few days following your procedure to ensure you’re healing as expected. You will also have round-the-clock access to support through our after-hours direct number if you have any concerns.

You should expect to experience some swelling and tightness in the days following the procedure. Once this subsides, you should start to see the final shape of your new breasts. After a few weeks, most patients notice their breasts feel as natural as before surgery.

It’s important to avoid any type of strenuous activity for around three weeks following the procedure to allow your body to recover. By around 6 weeks, most patients have made a full recovery.

The results

A common concern for patients is the potential for scarring. While breast implant surgery will leave a scar, it should fade over time and become only minimally visible. In the vast majority of cases, patients are extremely satisfied with the results of breast implant surgery, only wishing they had undergone the procedure sooner.

In some cases, implant revision or correction surgery may be required if the patient is not happy with the size or shape of the implants or if the breast implants have been encapsulated (rejected by the patient’s body).
View some of the results we’ve been able to produce for previous patients here.

The cost

As every patient has different requirements it is difficult to provide standardised pricing, but as a general guide, at Me Clinic the cost of breast implant surgery starts from $11,900 all inclusive.

To receive a personalised quote for breast implants, you should arrange a private consultation with a Me Clinic surgeon.

Breast implants at Me Clinic

To find out more about breast implant surgery or alternative treatment options such breast augmentation through fat transfer or a traditional or scarless breast lift, simply book a consultation with a Me Clinic surgeon to discuss your requirements.

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