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Anti-Ageing Procedure

Whilst getting older and ageing is an inevitable fact of life there is no reason to accept the associated symptoms and conditions of Ageing. There are viable and effective options available to slow the skin and body's ageing process and also assist to reverse this process as well.

The Me Clinic has been at the forefront of Anti-Ageing and Stem Cell Research and Development technology for over 13 years. We have been providing Anti-Ageing medicine and treatments to our patients for over 35 years and our procedures and treatments focus on identifying and assist in reducing age related problems before they occur. Our Anti-Ageing procedures are personalised for each patient so as to minimise their specific age related issues.

Our practitioners who specialise in Anti-ageing procedures.

  • Dr. Simon Rosenbaum

    Dr. Simon has performed over 6,000 Breast Augmentation procedures and is a leader in the use of tear drop profile implants.
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  • Dr Kishen Nara

    Dr. Simon has performed over 2,500 Breast Augmentations procedures and is a leader in the use of tear drop profile implants.
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  • Dr. Gordon Ku

    Dr.Gordon has over 20 years of experience in various specialities of medicine and surgery....
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  • Dr. Luis Torres VillaCorta

    Dr Luis’ focus is on anti ageing treatments such as laser skin rejuvenation.
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  • Dr. Mira Klein

    Dr Mira is a specialist Physician trained in Cosmetic Medicine. She specialises in Anti-Ageing treatments & Cosmetic Injectables.
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  • Mike Clague

    Mike is considered an "aesthetic artist" and his facial assessments and treatments are renowned throughout Australia and the world.
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We perform the following Anti-Ageing Procedure procedures

Preventative Cosmetic Medicine

The Me Clinic and The Anti Aging developed the exclusive Preventative Cosmetic Medicine programs where the visible signs of Skin Ageing are minimised before they become a problem to patients.

The Preventative Cosmetic Medicine Treatment Programs help to minimise the development of the very Skin Conditions and Skin Ageing that our Cosmetic Surgeons and Cosmetic Physicians treat at the Me Clinic!


Factor 4 Anti Ageing Procedures

A Factor4 treatment naturally stimulates and boosts the body's own repair system. New, fresh, elastic collagen significantly slows the visible ageing process and reduces fine lines and wrinkles while improving the skin's overall texture and elasticity.


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