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Whilst getting older and ageing are inevitable facts of life, there is no reason to accept the unfavourable symptoms and conditions associated with the ageing process. Thanks to advancements in modern science, there are viable and effective options available to slow the body’s ageing process, even as much as to assist in managing the signs of ageing.

Me Clinic has been offering anti-ageing treatments for over 13 years. We have been providing medical and skin rejuvenation treatments to our patients for over 35 years and our procedures focus on identifying problem areas and aim to manage the signs of ageing. Our anti-ageing treatment plans are personalised for each patient so as to minimise their specific age-related issues.

Surgical Warning: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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What are the options for treating wrinkles?

Anti-wrinkle injections

Years of laughing, frowning, squinting and scowling do bear their toll on your face. Over time, the skin around the eyes and forehead will often develop deep lines and wrinkles known as “expression lines.” Another sign of ageing, these lines are caused by a loss of the body’s collagen and are common part of the ageing process.

To counter this problem, we recommend the use of anti-wrinkle injections. This anti-aging treatment is an injectable consisting of a purified protein that temporarily causes facial muscles to relax, hence may help manage visible wrinkles.


This 37-year-old patient sought to address wrinkling and lines in their forehead area.


An injectable treatment was performed alongside the use of Muscle Relaxants to smooth lines and folds. Dermal Fillers assisted in treating the darkened skin under the eyes. Source: Mike Clague

Performed By: Mike Clague Reg No. NMW0001618803

How do anti-wrinkle injections work?

The movements of the facial muscles are controlled by signals from the brain. Anti-Wrinkle injections simply prevent the muscles from responding to these messages.

Anti-wrinkle injections are injected into the muscles of the wrinkle, frown lines, fine lines and other affected areas. This acts to relax the muscles, making them unable to move to the degree they normally are able to. The treatment has been used by many patients, but like all medical procedures, it carries some risks and may not be effective for everyone. The pain is a minimal “pin prick” and no anaesthetic is required. This injection works as a skin rejuvenation and skin booster that may help manage the appearance of wrinkles and furrows.

Anti-wrinkle treatments & expectations

Me Clinic is a host of age-defying cosmetic procedures that offer skin rejuvenation through the use of anti-wrinkle treatments and other skin-boosting injectables. Visit our Me Clinic locations for a consultation with our highly trained and experienced doctors and nurses to examine and assess your areas of concern. Following our consultation, we will proceed to map out a suitable treatment plan suited to your specific needs.

While anti-wrinkle injection treatments are not permanent, they usually last between three to six months and fade away gradually. The duration of the results can vary between individuals, with some patients reporting effects lasting up to six months. However, individual results may vary.

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Dermal filler injections

The loss of collagen in our bodies each year also causes our faces to lose volume ( approximately a teaspoon of fat each year) after our mid-twenties. As well as volume loss, lines and wrinkles are exacerbated by other factors such as sun exposure, smoking, and lifestyle practices. As we age the natural movement of our faces tends to exaggerate these when we smile or frown.


This 40 year old patient felt that she was looking tired and unhappy.


Dermal Fillers in the cheeks and under the eyes create a natural refreshed look! These fillers can last 9 to 18 months. Source: Mike Clague.

Performed By: Mike Clague (NMW0001618803)

How does it work?

Dermal fillers are a treatment option that may help manage the appearance of lines and wrinkles and enhance the natural contours of your face. The treatment involves the application of Dermal Filler Injections into the affected areas. The ingredients in Dermal Fillers bind with the water in your skin to restore elasticity and fullness for healthy, natural looking skin.

Dermal Fillers are an effective way to control lines and wrinkles or to reshape and enhance the contours of your face. They can also create fuller, luscious lips to accentuate the lip line or create a more defined cupids bow.

Dermal filler injections treatments & expectations

Following your dermal filler injections, you may experience some redness, swelling and tenderness in the treated areas. These reactions are normal and resolve quickly.

The duration of the effects can vary, with some patients reporting effects lasting up to six to nine months. However, individual results may vary.

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Silhouette Soft® Thread Lift

Silhouette Soft® is a non-surgical treatment option that may help manage the appearance of sagging skin on the face and neck. Simple and minimally invasive, this cosmetic treatment is completed in a cosmetic clinic usually within 30 minutes with little to no downtime.



Performed By: Dr Gordon Ku (M0001169203) MBBS (Melb), FACCSM (Med), FCPCA, AAAM (Board Cert), FA4M (Dubai)

What areas can be treated?

Silhouette Soft® can be used to treat various parts of the face:
• Lines – Jawlines, Frown Lines, Fine Lines
• Jowls – including contouring
• Cheeks and mid-face area
• Under-eye hollow
• Neck



Performed By: Dr Gordon Ku (M0001169203) MBBS (Melb), FACCSM (Med), FCPCA, AAAM (Board Cert), FA4M (Dubai)

How is Silhouette Soft® different to other types of “Thread Lifts”?

The design and suture of the Silhouette Soft Thread are unique among the types of thread available on the market today. These made-in-the-USA threads boast a cone technology that provides 360 degrees of “catch” of the tissue to be lifted as opposed to other threads that have “spikes.”

Most of the other types of threads on the market are Korean-made PDO threads which provide minimal thread lift and cause mostly “scar tissue” formation rather than true collagen formation.

Silhouette Soft® Thread treatment & expectations

The Silhouette Soft threads and cones generally dissolve over an approximate duration of 12 to 18 months. During this time, they stimulate the growth of collagen around the area. The procedure may stimulate the production of collagen, which could potentially improve skin elasticity. However, individual results may vary.

We recommend a review with the treating doctor again around 24 months after the procedure to see if a repeat procedure is required.

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Fat Transfer to Face

For those wishing for an alternative to Anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers, fat transfer to the face is an alternative treatment option that may help manage the appearance of facial lines and wrinkles. This treatment option allows the transfer of a patient’s own fat to the face, which may help manage the appearance of facial lines and wrinkles and enhance facial contours.


This 45-year-old patient sought facial treatment advice to restore volume lost from lower cheeks following molar tooth extractions.


Facial volume was restored to the sunken areas using Fat transfer.

Performed By: Dr Ashley Granot (M0001026218) MBBS, FFMACCS (Med), FACP, FACNEM, ABBRM, MA5M Cosmetic Doctor, Melbourne

How does fat transfer to face it work?

With the use of a small needle attached to a syringe, fat tissue is removed via Liposuction from a donor site where your fat is most tightly packed, such as your buttocks, abdomen or your hips.

Excess fluid is removed, and the collated fat tissue is injected with another needle into the facial area until the desired result is achieved. If fat is collected during another procedure, your surgeon can freeze and store it for a future transfer.

Fat transfer to face treatment & expectations

Fat transfer is a simple cosmetic procedure that is performed quickly. Any swelling experienced will subside in one to two days, and any bruising will disappear within five to ten days.

Over the first few months following this cosmetic procedure, some of the fat may be absorbed by your body. The effects of a Fat Transfer treatment can vary, with some patients reporting effects lasting many years. However, individual results may vary. To improve the success rate of a Fat Transfer procedure, Stem Cell and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatments can be combined to substantially increase the survival and growth rate of the fat.

While this information is intended to give you a good overall picture of how muscle relaxants and fillers may help you, your doctor will need to see you to assess your individual circumstances. We can then explain all the options to you and assist you to make the right decision.

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We have a wealth of experience, having performed a large number of Facial Lines and Wrinkle Treatments for our patients.

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At Me Clinic Melbourne, we have over 35 years of Cosmetic Surgery experience and 20 years of experience with Laser Treatments. We are a team of cosmetic surgery providers for your benefit. A no-obligation consultation with one of the Surgeons here at Me Clinic is essential in determining what you require and which treatment options would be best suited for you. From light therapy to advanced Laser treatments, Me Clinic offers a range of treatment options that may help manage the appearance of skin ageing.

We want you to be fully informed as you embark on your cosmetic journey ahead. Call us at our clinic today to speak to one of our qualified consultants during opening hours. Read our FAQs or get in touch for more information. We can book you in to see one of our dermatologists in 7 to 14 days.

Our practitioners who specialise in Anti-ageing procedures.

Dr Gordon Ku

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Dr Luis Torres VillaCorta

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We perform the following Anti-Ageing Procedures

Preventative Cosmetic Medicine

The Me Clinic and The Anti Aging developed the exclusive Preventative Cosmetic Medicine programs where the visible signs of Skin Ageing are minimised before they become a problem to patients.

The Preventative Cosmetic Medicine Treatment Programs help to minimise the development of the very Skin Conditions and Skin Ageing that our Cosmetic Surgeons and Cosmetic Physicians treat at the Me Clinic!

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Factor 4 Anti Ageing Procedures

A Factor4 treatment naturally stimulates and boosts the body’s own repair system. New, fresh, elastic collagen significantly slows the visible ageing process and reduces fine lines and wrinkles while improving the skin’s overall texture and elasticity.

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