Mr John Crock

Specialist Plastic Surgeon


With many years of experience in Plastic and Reconstructive surgery, Mr John Crock (Registration Number: MED0001375519) has become a well-known and respected surgeon at Knox Private Hospital. He is recognised for his excellent surgical skills and compassionate patient care.

Mr John Crock’s training

Mr John Crock’s medical journey commenced at the prestigious University of Melbourne, which laid the foundation for his advanced training in his chosen specialty. His career has spanned several renowned medical institutions across Australia, where he honed his craft and refined his surgical prowess.

Mr John Crock’s approach to patient care is characterised by his gentle and understanding nature. He is valued by his patients for his attentive listening skills and his commitment to educating them about their procedural options, ensuring they feel fully informed and at ease.

Dedicated to maintaining his edge in a rapidly evolving field, Mr. Crock actively engages in ongoing professional development by participating in industry conferences and workshops. This dedication ensures that his patients benefit from the most cutting-edge and effective surgical techniques available.

Mr John Crock stands out as a distinguished Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, whose blend of technical skill, patient-focused care, and ongoing commitment to excellence in his field earns him the trust and respect of his patients.

Mr Crock is supported by the experienced Me clinic nursing team

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