Thread Lift (Suture Lift)

(Also known as the a Thread Lift, APTOS, Stitch Lift, Safe Lift, Skin Stitch, S Lift, Feather Lift and Hollywood Lift)

Thread Lifts are a non-surgical innovation that refreshes the look of the aging face by tightening key aging parts of the face and neck. It is done in such a simple and minimally invasive way, with minimal downtime.

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We offer a number of styles of thread lift procedures at Me Clinic.

Dr Gordon Ku has done hundreds of these procedures and regularly trains other doctors in this procedure.

Dr Gordon Ku

Dr.Gordon has over 20 years of experience in various specialities of medicine and surgery.... Read more

We perform the following Thread Lift (Suture Lift) treatments

Silhouette Soft® Thread Lift

Silhouette Soft is the most state of the art threads in the world. No Cutting. No Surgery. Minimal downtime. The procedure is done usually within 30 minutes.

More about Silhouette Soft® Thread Lift

Suture Lift

A Suture Lift is performed by our Surgeons who use fine threads under the skin which are attached to the underlying facial muscle tissue and are “tightened” to reposition loose or droopy skin on the face and neck. The threads or sutures are usually anchored within the hairline or behind the ears where they cannot be seen.

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Neck Thread Lift

The neck thread lift solves the issue of sagging skin to create a more youthful look for your neck. Read on to learn more about this procedure now.

More about Neck Thread Lift

Nose Thread Lift

Nose Thread lift is an innovative treatment that reshapes your nose with immediate and natural results. This walk-in walk-out non-invasive treatment provides all the benefits of a nose reshape and lift with a quick recovery time and minimal downtime.

More about Nose Thread Lift

Face Thread Lift

With a face thread lift, Melbourne patients can rectify sagging skin to create a more youthful aesthetic. Interested in a refreshed look? Read on for more.

More about Face Thread Lift


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