Neck Thread Lift

A neck thread lift procedure is a non-surgical way to improve the issue of sagging or loose skin in the neck region. As one of the less invasive procedures, patients can achieve positive results with very little downtime required.

A neck thread lift procedure targets the sagging skin that forms as we age and can often leave people feeling self-conscious. Restoring a youthful look is made simple with this minimal and cost-effective procedure that lowers the potential for risk. The cosmetic surgeons at Me Clinic are well-versed in a range of thread lift procedures that can help you turn back the clock on the look of ageing.

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What are the benefits of a neck thread lift?

As professionals in a range of anti-ageing procedures, the Me Clinic team can perform a thread lift to the neck region which will maintain your new look for up to two years. The subtle incisions involved will not make it obvious that you have undergone a cosmetic procedure. Instead, offering a refreshed youthful and natural look.

The neck thread lift is best suited to those who have moderate signs of skin laxity in their late twenties to early forties. The small amount of downtime required, helps make this a very simple procedure that can achieve long lasting results. The threads used can also stimulate the production of collagen in the neck, which will also work to minimise various signs of ageing, helping you to maintain that new youthful appearance for a bit longer.

What is involved with the neck thread lift procedure?

Our skilled surgeons will use temporary sutures to gently lift the skin of the neck that is currently experiencing sagging. This works to tighten the area while also triggering the collagen-led healing response. This will encourage smoother, more agile skin while reducing further excess skin.

The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia, and the duration of the procedure, varies from patient to patient, often lasts for about 60 minutes or less. Threads are inserted deep under the skin, but only require the use of fine needles. Thanks to the local anaesthesia, thread lifting is relatively painless.

Best suited to those who have moderate signs of skin laxity in their late twenties to early forties, the small amount of downtime required makes a thread lift less invasive process with lasting results.

How long will the results of the procedure last?

Patients have seen the results of this procedure last for up to two years. It is, however, important to note that the ageing process is unstoppable. Threads simply slow the process, and the team of Cosmetic Surgeons at Me Clinic wcan re-do this procedure as many times as needed.

What does a thread neck lift cost?

The number of threads required will determine the cost of this procedure for you. To determine this, you’ll need a consultation with your surgeon at Me Clinic. This will include an assessment from which we’ll be able to provide you with a full, obligation-free quote.

This is also a great opportunity for you to ensure you are comfortable with the proposed plan to help achieve your aesthetic goals. We encourage you to ask questions and will offer all the support required to give you complete peace of mind.

Threads are inserted deep under the skin with fine needles which thanks to the anaesthesia is relatively painless.

The reasons why Me Clinic is well-suited to perform your procedure

When it comes to the application of threads in both the neck and face, the surgeons at Me Clinic have an established reputation of delivering excellent quality that has positively changed their patient’s lives. This is important when choosing your surgeon, as your comfort levels and ensuring a successful result are paramount.

Every patient at Me Clinic is given the full support of the surgeons and ancillary staff, all of whom have a high level of experience across a wide range of cosmetic procedures. The highest code of ethics in surgery is always maintained to help achieve true improvements in all of our patient’s lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of threads will be involved in my neck lift?

A neck lift will use absorbable threads, as they are linked to achieving highly successful results and offer a very low risk of complication.

How do I know if a neck lift will solve my issue?

Those who suffer from mild to moderate sagging in the neck will likely be very pleased with the results of this procedure. If your neck makes you feel self-conscious, and you hope to avoid in-depth surgery, this may be the right path forward for you.

What are the risks involved in the thread neck lift procedure?

One of the primary benefits of the neck thread lift is its level of safety. As a non-invasive procedure, there are only very rare situations that issues may occur, such as irritation, bruising, rippling or infection, all of which will heal naturally without the need for any surgical intervention.

Can I combine this procedure to overhaul my look?

Absolutely, in fact, this is quite common. The neck thread lift can be combined with face thread lifts, and other non-surgical procedures to refresh your look and give an overall younger appearance. There are also eye surgery, skin resurfacing options which may benefit you. We will discuss all of this during your consultation, aligning our suggestions with your goals to ensure you leave with a new sense of confidence in your appearance.

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