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We have over 35 years of experience in Cosmetic Surgery and Cosmetic Medicine. We are a renowned clinic offering a wide variety of Cosmetic Surgery and Cosmetic Medicine procedures, both surgical and non-surgical.

We were also one of the first clinics to perform Liposuction in Australia in the early 1980’s and we have developed and pioneered our own surgical techniques over many years.

The Me Clinic features a team of dedicated Cosmetic Practitioners of Australia who share the same ideals and beliefs to ensure that each patients’ experience is positive and nurturing. This approach helps patients get the most out of their surgery and achieve the desired results.

Our Cosmetic Practitioners understand that patients may seek our services for a variety of reasons and it is their responsibility to advise and recommend surgery and treatments which are in the best interest of the patient.

Our Cosmetic Doctors achieve this through our Responsible Cosmetic Surgery™ and Responsible Cosmetic Medicine™ code of ethics pioneered by the Me Clinic. Our Cosmetic Doctors are up front and advise patients on what is possible and what is not possible to ensure patients have a realistic expectation with their surgery. A Me Clinic Cosmetic Practitioner would not hesitate to recommend that a patient may not be suitable for surgery and recommend other treatments or take a holistic approach through diet exercise and a different lifestyle regime.

Me Clinic
Address :
4 Burke Rd,
Malvern East,
VIC – 3145
Tel : 1300 852 050

Me Clinic - Malvern East

4 Burke Road
Malvern East, Victoria 3145

Call 1300 852 050
or call 03 9569 3511

surgery hours

Mon,Wed Fri 8

Tue and Thu 8

Sat 9am – 5pm

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