Breast Implant Removal & Replacement

There are many reasons why women with breast implants may feel like they require their implants either removed or replaced. Rupture, a hardening of the implants, shifting, discomfort due to size, or simple lifestyle changes are some of the more common reasons. In some breast implant cases, there may be a health problem that requires the implants to be removed; for example, breast cancer. And other women simply decide the implant no longer suits their cosmetic wants.

If you are experiencing unwanted complications from a previous breast augmentation such as asymmetry, pain, or deflation, this procedure may be the best way to rectify the issue. In cases where women wish to obtain a more thorough mammogram, they may require implants to be removed. In more extreme cases, like you’ve had an implant rupture, you should speak to our team immediately.

In each of these cases, a breast implant removal or replacement may be the best path forward. Me Clinic offer a range of procedures that may be suitable for your situation, including the breast reduction or removal procedure to address your changing needs for your existing breast implants.

Surgical Warning: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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What are the benefits of breast implant removal or replacement?

There are many benefits for addressing or correcting complications with your breast implants. In most cases, the results will achieve greater comfort for the woman, and giving them better peace of mind. If complications arose around the shape or look, these corrective procedures can also help to increase confidence in the woman. And in the more extreme cases, this procedure can help improve the woman’s health and physical condition.


This 43-year-old female had previous breast augmentation and wished to seek consultation on further augmentation to alter the look of their chest area.


Breast Augmentation was performed, using two different-sized round implants to correct and even out the breast area.

Performed By: Dr Simon Rosenbaum (MED0000957217)

If you are experiencing unwanted complications from a previous breast augmentation such as asymmetry, pain, or deflation, this procedure may be the best way to rectify the issue.

Am I a suitable candidate for a breast implant removal?

To fully understand if this procedure is right for you, you will be required to discuss your desired outcome with the Me Clinic team as the first step. In cases where the requirement for removal is more than aesthetic, it may be evident that the only option is removing your implants.

If you wish to increase your breast’s size to achieve a more comfortable or aesthetically pleasing shape, a breast augmentation with a smaller or larger implant size may be suitable to help achieve the look you wish for.

In many cases, women simply change their preference for their breast implants, and wish to return to a more natural size and shape. If so, we will discuss the motivations behind you wanting this procedure, along with outlining the best path forward during your consultation with us.

What does a breast implant removal and replacement cost?

The variations of requirements for this procedure can be quite significant. We must first determine your specific goals and the best path to achieve them during a consultation, after which our team can provide you with an exact cost.

The Me Clinic team will provide you with a customised, no-obligation quote which you can use to consider the recommendation before deciding to move forward.



Performed By: Dr Simon Rosenbaum (MED0000957217)

Many women simply change their preference for breast implants’ look and feel and wish to return to a more natural size and shape.

Me Clinic’s experience across a range of breast procedures

The Me Clinic portfolio features many successful breast surgeries. As a result, our team’s experienced cosmetic surgeons are experts in the field, and best positioned to achieve the results that you desire for your situation.

We focus on understanding every patient’s unique situation, applying our many years of experience and knowledge into a recommendation that will provide the best outcome. Trust our high-level of experience and many years of cosmetic surgery work and book an appointment to determine the best path forward for you today. We are strict about ensuring the highest surgical ethics and safety codes, so you have complete peace of mind as we progress.

Book a consultation with our team today to evaluate your current situation. We can work with you to determine the best process and requirements to help you feel comfortable with the look and feel of your breasts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Could my breast implants lead to breast cancer?

Recent evidence indicates that smooth implants are not associated with breast cancer. Textured breast implants have a small incidence of breast cancer- Anaplastic Large Cell breast cancer. The official recommendation is not to remove the implants unless a patient experiences symptoms e.g pain, lumps or discomfort. Regular check up are required.

How long will my recovery be?

Depending on what is required for your specific surgery and the intensity, we state that a benchmark for breast surgery recovery is roughly six weeks. Light activities or office-based work should be fine after around two weeks. Some discomfort, pain, swelling or bruising is to be expected after surgery.

How do I prepare for my breast implant removal?

We will inform you what is required before your specific surgery, along with everything that will need to take place post-procedure. We recommend setting up a comfortable area of your home for your recovery.

What is the standard revision time for breast implants?

It is true that regardless of any present issues, breast implants often require a revision after roughly ten to fifteen years. Various lifestyle factors such as ageing, pregnancy or childbirth, or excessive weight loss can all affect the quality and appearance of your breast implants as well.

Are there any risks associated with my implant removal?

Everyone must enter any cosmetic procedure with an understanding that it carries a certain level of risk.

These can include infection, bleeding, bruising and swelling; however, the staff at Me Clinic are experts when dealing with a range of breast-based procedures. We have yet to have any breast surgery patient experience negative side effects due to any procedure.

Before proceeding with any cosmetic procedure, patients should seek a second opinion from qualified healthcare practitioners.

The information on the website is for general guidance only and cannot be used as a basis to make a surgical decision, an initial consultation with our surgeon is required to help patients make an informed decision before proceeding with any surgical procedure.

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