Responsible Cosmetic Surgery™ | Responsible Cosmetic Medicine™

Being a Cosmetic Surgeon at the Me Clinic also comes with great responsibility.
All Me Clinic Cosmetic Surgeons abide by the Me Clinic Code of Practice which establishes our Responsible Cosmetic Surgery™ and Responsible Cosmetic Medicine™ philiosophy.  It is about total commitment to patients’ surgical and non surgical requirements.

This responsibility and commitment starts from the patient’s first consultation or treatment with a Me Clinic Surgeon or Physician and extends to the patients recovery and  life after surgery.

Our Cosmetic Surgeons and Cosmetic Physicians educate patients on all alternatives and what is possible and also what is not possible. This ensures patients have a realistic expectation about their surgery or treatment results.

Our Surgeons objectively advise patients on a tailored program of Preventative Cosmetic Medicine™  and surgery is only suggested if it is the best option. We aim to minimise the use of surgical procedures, and recommend other treatments or take a holistic approach through diet exercise and a different lifestyle regime if appropriate.

This is what sets Me Clinic Cosmetic Surgeons apart from other Surgeons.

A Me Clinic Surgeon is a guarantee of an experienced and skilled Cosmetic Surgeon with many years of Cosmetic Surgery experience and who abides by the highest Code of Practice to always act in the best interests of the patient.

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