Choosing the Right Cosmetic Surgeon

Questions to ask the Cosmetic Surgeon

  • Does the Cosmetic Surgeon have experience with your procedure?
  • How many times has the Cosmetic Surgeon performed your procedure?
  • Are you aware of the Cosmetic Surgeon’s success rate with the procedure?
  • Does the Cosmetic Surgeon hold valid qualifications and accreditation?
  • Is the Cosmetic Surgeon available for Post-Operative care?
  • Is the Cosmetic Surgeon available for After Hours care if and when required?
  • Is the Cosmetic Surgeon listening to your needs?
  • Has the Cosmetic Surgeon explained the procedure to you in detail?
  • Is the Cosmetic Surgeon happy to show you his before and after photographs?
  • Is the Cosmetic Surgeon rushing you into surgery and offering discounts for quick decisions?

Any prospective patient should give careful consideration to the answers to enable them to choose the right Cosmetic Surgeon. If there is any doubt, please seek another qualified medical opinion.

Questions to ask Yourself

  • Is the procedure proposed the right procedure for me?
  • Am I confident with the Cosmetic Surgeon’s skill and experience?
  • Am I comfortable with the Cosmetic Surgeon and nursing staff?
  • Is the Cosmetic Surgeon’s Clinic a full time Medical Clinic?
  • Am I happy with the Cosmetic Surgeon’s Medical Clinic and facilities?
  • Am I choosing a Cosmetic Surgeon on the basis of COST or COMPETENCE?

How do I find out more about the Me Clinic?

Please contact the Me Clinic by email or by telephone. Me Clinic was established over 35+ years ago and our team of practitioners collectively brings many years of experience in Cosmetic Surgery and Cosmetic Medicine.

Each of our Cosmetic Surgeons is ready to discuss their individual qualifications, experience, and training in Cosmetic Surgery with you. “They can show you before and after photographs of procedures performed by our surgeons, with the understanding that these are genuine images and results may vary between individuals.

We ensure you will be fully informed and understand your options before commencing any treatment.

Standard Disclaimer: At the Me Clinic we are committed to ensuring you are comfortable with all aspects of a procedure before going ahead. Any surgical procedure carries risks and we recommend you seek a second medical opinion before proceeding. The surgeon you seek a second opinion from should ideally be a qualified and registered Cosmetic Surgeon with expert knowledge of this area. We also provide second opinions to patients who have seen other Cosmetic Surgeons or or Plastic Surgeons.



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