Say goodbye to winter skin

The colder months create havoc with our skin. As the temperature dives, so do the moisture levels our skin needs to maintain it’s healthy youthful appearance. Wintery conditions and the extremities between our indoor and outdoor temperature changes can result in lacklustre and extremely dehydrated skin and complexions.

Layering up with the correct skincare products during colder seasons will protect further damage, restore lost moisture and relieve dry, thirsty skin.

You should also invest in professional treatments to enhance the skin’s appearance and to ensure your skin ages gracefully.

Our paramedical aesthetician Michelle Casey, highly recommends a series of cosmeceutical peels LED treatments.

“I’m passionate about skin looking radiant all year round. I see immediate results when treating dull winter skin with the right combination of products and treatments- even just one appointment with me will create a happier hydrated complexion”.

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