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Deciding to undergo a breast reduction procedure is a significant step for any woman. Some women find that very large and heavy breasts cause them pain and physical difficulty while some have confidence issues, and others find their breasts restricting or limiting for sports and other activities they wish to do.

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The Me Clinic is a preferred destination for breast reduction in Melbourne and Sydney. Our breast surgery team has performed thousands of breast reduction surgeries in Australia and globally. With over 35 years cosmetic surgery experience in Australia we are highly experienced in Breast Reduction Surgery.

How does Breast Reduction Surgery work?

We perform two methods of Breast Reduction Surgery:

1. Breast Reduction by Liposuction - Scarless Breast Reduction 

We were one of the first clinics in Australia in the 1980's to reduce Breast size by using Liposuction. With our experience generally a Breast Reduction procedure with Liposuction may reduce breast size by up to 50 percent in some patients. It is a relatively simple procedure that gives excellent results for the right patient.

The Tumescent Liposuction technique we use involves making one or two tiny incisions and removing fat cells in the same way as liposuction is performed on other areas of the body. The incisions are small and heal with virtually no scarring.

Breast Reduction with Liposuction offers many advantages over traditional, more invasive Breast Reduction Surgery. Apart from minimal scarring, it also allows for a greater degree of control over where fat cells are removed from, ensuring a natural looking result. Importantly it does not interfere with a woman's ability to breastfeed.

A Breast Reduction with Liposuction can also be combined with our Scarless Breast Lift procedure to ensure the best possible results.

2. Traditional Breast Reduction Surgery 

This involves making incisions on the skin, tissue and breast glands and removing any excess fat, skin and tissue. This procedure can be combined with a Mastopexy to also lift and shape the breast. Traditional Breast Reduction Surgery is effective in providing a sizeable reduction in breast size, and with a Mastopexy also a breast lift.

Whilst the surgery allows a greater reduction in breast size, it can leave some degree of scarring on the area and lower breast. It may also interfere with breast feeding. There is not one Breast Reduction Surgery method that is suited to all patients. The method used will depend on individual needs and breast tissue. A consultation with one our Surgeons is essential to determine the most appropriate and effective procedure for you. Both types of Breast Reduction may be eligible for a proportional Medicare rebate.

Benefits of Breast Reduction Surgery

If you have large breasts you’ll understand that it can cause a range of discomforts including;

- Back ache
- Neck pain
- Breast pain
- Bra strap grooves
- Problems when it comes to running and sports.

Most commonly though, women with large breasts tend to feel that they are seen for their breasts (and their size) not for the person they are.

This makes most females with large breasts self conscious and therefore uncomfortable.

Breast Reduction Surgery can help by reducing the size and the weight of large heavy breasts. This can reduce neck and back pain, and help you live a more active and fulfilling life. 

Traditional Breast Reduction Surgery vs Scarless Breast Reduction 

So what can you do about reducing your breast size. In most cases there are two great reduction options for you - which should you choose?

1. Traditional Breast Surgery

This is where breast tissue is removed to reduce your overall breast size to something smaller and hopefully less painful. There are Pro’s and Cons though.


- Our surgeons can reduce your breast to any size you wish.

- Elevation of breasts is possible, meaning you can get ‘perkier’ breasts.

- Areola can be adjusted in size. 


- The scars from this technique are generally larger in particular around the areola. The scar will generally be around the areola and also between the areola and the breast crease.

- Recovery is longer than other forms of breast reduction surgery.

- Breast feeding can become complicated.

- Skin removal is required as excess skin will become an issue once the breast is reduced. The skill of the surgeon becomes paramount here to ensure the scar is minimised.

2. Breast Reduction Liposuction

This procedure is like any form of Liposuction where a cannula is inserted into the breast and fat ‘strategically’ removed therefore reducing the breast size considerably. So here are the Pro’s and Con’s.


- Very small, if any scars. In most cases these small puncture marks will not be noticeable.
- Size reduction will be dependant on the amount of fat within the breast that can be removed. In some cases this may not be enough for the patient. In these circumstances traditional breast reduction would be recommended.

- There will be slight elevation of the breast, making them perkier, however it will not be as elevated as what can be achieved through traditional breast reduction.

- Traditional breast reduction requires some skin to be removed, to ensure the share of the breast can be maintained. With Liposuction this is not done.

- The extent of reduction may also be limited by the elasticity of the skin. If the skin does not look like it will ‘bounce back’ it may be necessary to have a traditional breast reduction procedure.

- Breastfeeding will unlikely be affected by Liposuction, when compared to traditional breast reduction techniques because the breast glands are not damaged.

Keeping in mind that you may not a have choice, depending on your individual situation. Which technique is best for you it will come down to how you dress and interact socially. For example if you prefer to go to the beach and bathe topless then the liposuction reduction technique might be the best option for you, given the low scarring possibilities. If this is less important to you however you wish to have a ‘lift’ at the same time then a more traditional procedure is probably more appropriate.

Whatever your choice, at me clinic we recommend you attend a consultation with a qualified surgeon to ensure you make an informed choice. It is important to remember that all surgery comes with risks and you should be aware of those risks before choosing any invasive procedure.

What should I expect after Breast Reduction Surgery?

After your procedure you may feel drowsy from the anaesthetic. It is important to have someone drive you home and stay overnight. On this evening we recommend you rest. You can expect a small amount of swelling, which will gradually settle but you should be able to see some results almost immediately.

You are provided with the an after hours direct number in the event you may have any questions or concerns you wish to speak to us about. The next day or within a few days you must come back to the Clinic for your first post-operative check, then weekly for six weeks, then monthly for six months.

We recommend avoiding strenuous activity for around 3 weeks, but from 6 weeks or so you will be able to return to any exercise routines you had before. Most patients find that it only takes a matter of weeks for their new breasts to feel "natural", although with a reduction in size and weight.

Our Surgeons and Nurses will continue to monitor your recovery through a number of post-operative check-ups and are available at any time if you have questions or concerns.

How Much Does Breast Surgery Cost?

As every patient we see has different requirements, it is difficult to provide standardised pricing as each procedure is tailored for each individual patient's situation. A no obligation consultation with one of our Surgeons is essential in determining what you require and which procedure would be best suited for you.

Our philosophy is simple. We want you to be fully informed, and we want you to understand all your options and have one accurate price quoted once. Consultation fees may apply.

There is no need for you to obtain a referral from your own doctor to see one of our Surgeons. Generally we are able to book you in to see one of our Surgeons in 7 to 14 days.

How do I find out more about Breast Reduction Surgery?

Please contact the Me Clinic. We have over 35 years of Cosmetic Surgery experience to share with you. We ensure you will be fully informed and understand your options before any procedure.

Surgical Warning: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.
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