Semi - Permanent Make Up Treatments

(Also known as cosmetic tattooing)
Only available at MALVERN EAST.

The amazing benefits of professional Semi Permanent Make Up is that it is long lasting and it does not need to be re-applied daily. It looks perfect from the moment you wake up until you go to bed. Our techniques are highly advanced and produce incredibly subtle, natural and beautiful results.

Eyes, eyebrows and lips can be beautifully defined to enhance your beauty and natural features. Our skilled and experienced practitioners use the most advanced equipment available in a beautiful relaxing environment.

At the me clinic we have over 30 years of Cosmetic Surgery experience.

Our practitioners who specialise in cosmetic tattooing
  • Shea Barclay

    Shea is our Permanent Makeup Aesthetic Practitioner, specializing in cosmetic tattooing and creating natural looking brows, lips and eyeliner.
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We perform the following Semi - Permanent Make Up Treatments treatments

Microblading Melbourne

A feather touch brow is a semi-permanent tattoo achieved through microblading to give your eyebrows a fuller more defined appearance. A semi- permanent microbladed brow can last for up to two years.


Lip Tattoo

As we age our lips loose their fullness and colour and the natural vermilion border diminishes. A cosmetic lip tattoo can help achieve a more youthful appearance, correct asymmetries and re define natural lip contours for a more perfected appearance.


Eyeliner | Winged Eyeliner | Lash Enhancement

Perfectly applied eyeliner is fundamental in accentuating and enhancing the size, shape and colour of our eyes. Eyeliner tattoo will give you perfectly applied, waterproof eyeliner 24/7. Great for women who also have make up allergies and sensitivities


Lash Lift

A Lash Lift is a treatment for the time conscious women as it requires maintenance only once every 6 - 8 weeks. The natural lashes are lifted at the root to give you your desired look, be that a sky high lift or a soft and sweepy curl. A lash lift works with your own natural lashes and adds the illusion of longer darker lashes.


Non Laser Tattoo Removal

Non Laser Tattoo Removal can be used to lighten and remove eyebrows, eyeliner, overdrawn lip liner and small body tattoos of two square inches or less. Unlike laser tattoo removal, the saline tattoo removal method is a safe and effective method that draws pigment up and out of the skin


Why Me Clinic?

  • Over 30 years of Cosmetic Surgery experience
  • Unparalleled safety and patient satisfaction record
  • Pioneers in the enhancement of Surgical techniques
  • Our Surgeons are up to date with the latest methods
  • Members of the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery

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