Lip Tattoo

As we age our lips loose their fullness and colour and the natural vermilion border diminishes. A cosmetic lip tattoo can help achieve a more youthful appearance, correct asymmetries and re define natural lip contours for a more perfected appearance. Colour loss, sun damage and scarring from cold sores are all common concerns women have that we can address with cosmetic lip tattooing. Water proof colour 24/7 just gloss and go!

Lip Line and Blend 

Gone are the days of the thin harsh lip line tattoo. For clients wanting a more subtle effect the lip line and blend is a perfect way to begin. We perfect the symmetry of the lip defining the vermilion border and softly blend your desired colour around the lip line without any harsh lines.

Ombre' Lip 

The perfect treatment to help make your lips appear fuller. A soft gradient of colour from dark to light is created in your desired shade, be that natural lip pink or a deep red. A soft wash of colour is blended towards the inner third of the lip to achieve a fuller more even looking lip. 

Full Lip Tint

Eliminate the need for lipstick and coloured gloss entirely with a full lip tint tattoo. The lips are coloured completely in your desired shade. Great for covering imperfections in the lips like sun spots and scarring as well as giving pale lips a new lease on life.

  • Shea Barclay

    Shea is our Permanent Makeup Aesthetic Practitioner, specializing in cosmetic tattooing and creating natural looking brows, lips and eyeliner.
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