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Cosmetic mole removal is a procedure that can improve a person’s looks and encourage greater self-esteem. As a highly-regarded cosmetic clinic, Me Clinic is a favourite Australian clinic for mole removal at cost-effective prices.

Surgical Warning: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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Reasons to have your moles removed

Moles are removed for either cosmetic or medical reasons. Unwanted moles and unsightly moles can cause embarrassment or self-esteem issues, so are often removed for cosmetic reasons. In some cases, a mole simply gets in the way, getting caught in jewellery or nicked while shaving.

Other moles are removed for medical reasons. A physician may be concerned that a mole has the potential to develop into a malignant melanoma or another type of skin cancer. In such cases, the physician will perform a biopsy and send a small sample of the mole for laboratory examination. If it is cancerous, it needs to be completely removed. A Medicare rebate may be available.

How can a cancerous mole be diagnosed?

A mole can change in appearance 0ver time. It’s a good idea to periodically check your moles or have a skincare specialist check them for you. Use the A,B,C,D,E method to inspect your moles and if a mole displays any of the signs listed below, have it checked by a specialist.

Asymmetry – One side of the mole doesn’t match the other side.

Border – The border of the mole is blurred or irregular looking.

Colour – The mole displays multiple colour pigments.

Diameter – The mole has a diameter larger than a pencil eraser.

Elevation/Evolution – The mole becomes raised or changes shape over time.

Are you a candidate for cosmetic mole removal?

A normal (benign) skin mole doesn’t need to be removed. However, in some cases, a benign mole is situated in an unsightly position. This can cause a person to have body issues and a loss of self-confidence. Cosmetic mole removal can be performed with or without local anaesthetic. The procedure, performed with or without local anaesthetic, is a medical process that requires careful consideration. While some patients may find the procedure quick and with minimal discomfort, individual experiences can vary. The cost-effectiveness of the procedure at Me Clinic is relative and depends on individual cases.

The cost of mole removal

Every patient is different and requires personalised treatment for the best possible outcomes. The cost of mole removal is affected by a number of factors, including the number of moles being removed and the techniques applied.



Performed By: Dr Ahmed Omarjee (MED0001186584)



Performed By: Dr Ahmed Omarjee (MED0001186584)

What happens in the process of mole removal treatment

There are a number of treatment options to consider. Your Me Clinic practitioner will help you choose the approach that delivers the best possible mole removal outcomes. Here are some options.

Laser mole removal

Lasers commonly used for flat  mole removal include IPL (Intense Pulse Light), KTP (potassium titanyl phosphate) or ND-Yag laser. These lasers emit specific wavelengths of light to target the mole and evaporate it. The laser heat energy also cauterises (seals) the wound. There is only mild pain in the treated area followed by fast healing and zero downtime.

Cryotherapy / Freezing

The use of liquid nitrogen to freeze the skin lesion is predominantly for warts, skin tags, and other growths and blemishes, but can also be used on some types of moles such as seborrheic keratosis. The treated wart, skin tag, or mole cells die and fall off. This procedure results in minimal scarring.

Shave Excision Surgery

Raised moles or those that protrude from the skin are sometimes removed using shave excision surgery. A scalpel is used for lesion removal, resulting in flat mole-free skin. The wound takes several weeks to heal and a small scar may be noticeable.

Ellipse Excision Surgery

This is the most invasive option, normally chosen for suspicious moles or those that are not suitable for laser or shave mole removal. The surgeon will remove the entire mole in one go and then close the wound with dissolvable stitches (sutures). After healing, a thin scar may be visible.

Aftercare & post treatment expenses

Your experienced Me Clinic practitioner will provide post-treatment instructions and recommend products that you can use at home to assist with healing and deliver optimal results. After the mole removal procedure, it’s important not to touch or rub the skin. A scab will form and come away naturally in time. Avoid sun exposure and exfoliation for around two weeks after mole removal.

Your practitioner may recommend antibacterial creams, lotions, or serums to help speed up the healing process. Use the products as recommended until healing is complete, and apply sunscreen whenever outdoors. The importance of taking good care of your skin can’t be overstated. A good skincare routine includes cleansing, moisturizing, and wearing sunscreen.

Contact Me Clinic to find out more about mole removal costs

There is no standardised mole removal price as every patient has different requirements. However, pricing can be worked out during your no-obligation consultation where the best treatment options can be discussed. Use the handy form on our website to book your consultation today. You are in expert and caring hands at Me Clinic.


This will depend on the type of mole being removed and the mole removal procedure used. Many Me Clinic patients choose radiofrequency laser mole removal as there are no incisions, resulting in treated skin that will gradually lighten to your normal skin tone.

At Me Clinic, we aim to provide the best possible service and cosmetic results for the best available price. Contact Me Clinic today for a treatment plan that suits your budget and cosmetic surgery expectations.


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