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"I feel like my entire life I have looked different on the exterior to how I felt on the inside. My eyes made me feel and look tired and much older than I was. Having inherited my fathers eyes and genetics, I always had a small degree of loose skin over the top of the eye creating a hooded look and bags of skin that hold fat around the eye, making them look puffy and under slept.


No matter what I did- creams, laser, fillers, peels … nothing improved the appearance of my eyes. It made me look so much older than I actually was and felt! 


After I had my Upper Blepharoplasty procedure I felt like my entire face changed. It literally made me look 10 years younger. 


Combining the Upper Blepharoplasty procedure along with fillers enhanced and defined my existing features. For the first time since I was a teenager, my eyes literally popped and when I would smile, my eyes would smile with me. 


And…. I could finally see my eyes!


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