Cosmetic Surgery Rule Changes

From 1 July, 2023 there will be new rules introduced to the cosmetic surgery sector in Australia by the Medical Board. me clinic is supportive of these changes and many of the new initiatives we already have in place.

These rules have been introduced to ensure patients understand their surgery, make an informed decision, and that cosmetic surgery is the correct option for them.

Some of these are highlighted below:

  1. Patients seeking cosmetic surgery must obtain a referral to discuss their motivations with a GP who knows their medical history and can share this information with the doctor they are referred to.
  2. Doctors must assess the patent for underlying psychological conditions, such as body dysmorphic disorder which may make them an unsuitable candidate for the surgery, and be referred for further evaluation.
  3. Two consultations are required before any surgery can be booked or performed (one can be by telehealth).
  4. Doctors offering cosmetic procedures will be specifically banned from using influencer testimonials or posting photoshopped images on social media.
  5. Medical practitioners must include clear information about their registration type and registration number.
  6. Clear information about risks and recovery must be easily found.
  7. Cosmetic surgery advertising must not be false, use testimonials, offer discounts without terms and conditions, create unreasonable expectations of beneficial treatment or encourage indiscriminate use.

At me clinic, as we already have many of the new requirements in place, and we hope for a smooth transition with the new rules introduced by the Medical Board.

For further information, please visit the the Medical Board and Australian Health Practitioners Regulatory Agency (AHPRA) website


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