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Our skin is the reflection of our internal health and the external factors that we subject our skin too. The way our skin looks is determined by the following factors:

1. Genetics
2. Food intake:
a. Nutrition, good or bad
b. Chemicals, good or bad
3. Circulation
4. External factors
5. Exercises and weight management
6. Hormonal balance
7. Sleep

Our skin and its health, and its response to our living conditions is like a game of poker.Good cards “genes” should lead to a good result (youthful skin) but this is not guaranteed. If we play badly, (subject the skin to hard conditions), the game is lost (the skin looks older than it should).
The reverse is also true; if one is given a bad set of cards (difficult fragile skin) not all is lost. Playing well (looking after the skin) may lead to excellent results “slow skin aging”.
The earlier in life skin and body are looked after, the better is the long-term prognosis. We want to implement the anti-aging protocols as early in life as possible.
This is of course determined by our will to achieve results and the commitment and expenditure that are required to do so.
There are degrees of involvement in anti-aging and good looks, and everyone has to find his or her “SWEET SPOT”.

1. Genetics:
We follow after our parents line and sometimes one side of the family is more genetically dominant than the other side.
Genetics determine the color, thickness and elasticity of skin.

2. Food intake:
A. Diet:
Our western diet is often a disaster. Resulting in weight gain and often followed by temporary weight loss. This leads to stretching of the skin on weight gain and skin laxity and wrinkles on weight loss. We should aim as much as possible for an anti-inflammatory diet high in nutrition and low in carbohydrates and damaging toxins. This is not easy to achieve with the western mass produce food.

B. Supplements:
Their main aim is to complement nutrients, which we are likely to be deficient as a result of modern day food processes. Supplements such as Vitamin A, D and E are all antioxidants, which have benefits to the skin. There are many others that can be added to the list.

3. Circulation:
Good blood circulation is vital for the skin and other organs. Genetic factors, smoking and certain drugs can result in deficiency of blood circulation with the resultant of tissue damage and tissue aging of body parts and the skin.

4. External factors:
The sun gives us life, but it can also take it away when one is overexposed to the sun’s rays. Different wavelengths of sunlight UV A, B and C , all have a potential damage to our skin and DNA.
Moles, scaly skin, keratosis, vascular changes, lines and wrinkles, dyspigmentation are often signs of sun damage. Loss of skin elasticity may be age related but is often a sign of excessive sun exposure.
Exposure to external chemicals can also cause troubles to the skin, as do excessive wind, heat and trauma.

5. Exercise and weight management:
We need to exercise but everything in moderation. Excessive exercise and weight fluctuations can lead to earlier wrinkling and age related changes.

6. Hormone balance:
Our hormones determine the rate and extent of cellular and bodily functions. Loss of hormones at menopause or reduction of thyroid hormone can lead to skin changes and atrophy. The question of hormone supplementation is always controversial and one needs to be well informed about the positive and negatives of hormone related therapy.

7. Sleep:
Most of our healing occurs during sleep and therefore sleep is vital for tissue regeneration and repair. The sleep-deprived individual often lacks vitality and cellular function.

Prevention is often better than the cure and with the skin that is no different. Early intervention is always better than drastic action later on.

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