Varicose Vein Treatment Costs

Affecting more than 30 per cent of the population, varicose veins are a very common condition that is generally more prevalent among women. Varicose veins occur when veins (usually in the legs and feet) become twisted and enlarged and is usually caused by pregnancy, genetics or even prolonged standing. Varicose vein treatments can decrease their visibility or remove them altogether.

At Me Clinic, we are often asked how much varicose vein treatments cost. To provide an indication of what you can expect treatment to cost, at our Melbourne clinic, varicose vein treatments start from $470.

It is important to note however that there is a range of factors that can affect the cost of treatment, such as the vein treatment method used, the number of veins being treated and the complexity of the procedure. For these reasons, it is integral you attend a consultation with one of our physicians to obtain a personalised quote tailored to your individual condition.

Surgical Warning: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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Here we discuss some of the key costs associated with undergoing varicose vein treatment in Australia.

Costs involved with varicose vein treatment

You need to be aware of all of the fees associated with varicose vein treatment before committing to a procedure. While the decision to undergo vein treatment should not be based on financial factors alone, it is likely that cost will still form a large part of your decision making.

To help you understand the various cost components of varicose vein treatment, here is a summary of the main fees involved in a vein procedure:

● consultation fee
● treatment fee
● the number of treatment sessions required
● the type of treatment recommended
● compression garment
● post-procedure care

Your physician or clinic should provide you with a complete break-down of each of the costs associated with your recommended vein treatment. At Me Clinic, we will inform you of the costs associated with your recommended treatment at your initial consultation.

Consultation fee

Generally you will be charged a consultation fee when you attend the initial consultation with your physician. This amount is usually a standard fee and is disclosed to you at the time of booking. Should you proceed with the treatment on the day of the consultation, the consultation fee may be waived.

Procedure fee

You will be required to pay a procedure fee when you undergo varicose vein treatment. This is the fee for performing the procedure itself. The price we quote you at your initial Me Clinic consultation will include the procedure fee.

Anaesthetic fee

Most varicose vein treatments do not require the use of anaesthetic with the exception of Endovenous Laser Treatments (EVLT) and vein surgery. EVLT is usually performed in-clinic using local anaesthetic.

At Me Clinic, if local anaesthesia is required, the cost will be included in the price you are quoted during your consultation.

Compression Garments and Post-procedure care

Following varicose vein treatment, you may also need to cover the cost of some other incidentals such as compression garments or stockings, ointment to treat any bruising or anti-inflammatory medication to speed up your recovery.

Is varicose vein treatment covered by Medicare?

If you are undergoing vein treatment you may be be able to claim a Medicare rebate for your treatment. Your physician will discuss any Medicare rebates with you at your initial consultation. You can also contact Medicare for further details about any applicable rebates.

Does the varicose vein treatment method used affect the cost?

There are various treatment methods that can be used to treat varicose veins which vary in terms of both complexity and cost.

Sclerotherapy treatment

Sclerotherapy works by injecting a solution (sclerosant) into the affected vein using very small micro-needles, which causes the body to close and contract the vein so that it disappears in its entirety. It is typically a suitable treatment option for large veins (particularly in the legs), as well as smaller veins as a way to prevent them from deteriorating into larger varicose veins.


This patient wished to discuss treatment for prominent and painful Varicose Veins.


Sclerotherapy treatments were performed to dissolve the Varicose Veins.

Performed By: Dr Ashley Granot (M0001026218) MBBS, FFMACCS (Med), FACP, FACNEM, ABBRM, MA5M Cosmetic Doctor, Melbourne

There are two types of sclerotherapy treatments—one which uses liquid sclerosant and one that uses foam sclerosant. Foam sclerotherapy is generally the preferred treatment option as less solution is required to achieve a superior result, it is visible under ultrasound allowing enhanced monitoring and typically leads to less discomfort and more rapid healing following treatment.


This 52 year old patient wished to discuss options for varicose veins in their legs.


Extensive Sclerotherapy treatments were carried out on the patients’ legs successfully.

Performed By: Dr Ashley Granot (M0001026218) MBBS, FFMACCS (Med), FACP, FACNEM, ABBRM, MA5M Cosmetic Doctor, Melbourne

At Me Clinic, the cost of a sclerotherapy treatment session starts from $470.

Treatment which involves ultrasound monitoring generally costs more than regular sclerotherapy, but both types of sclerotherapy treatment will typically cost less than varicose vein surgery. Sclerotherapy can also be combined with vein surgery, which will also affect the cost.

At Me Clinic, the cost of ultrasound guided sclerotherapy treatment session starts from $740.

Laser treatment

Laser treatment is another option which is effective in treating small spider veins on the face and nose. It can also be used to treat spider and small veins on the legs and body. It is only suitable for patients with light coloured skin.


This 60-year-old patient wanted to discuss the treatment of their Spider Veins and Varicose Veins in both legs.


Sclerotherapy treated was used to treat their varicose veins and a YAG Laser treatment was used on their Spider veins.

Performed By: Dr Ashley Granot (M0001026218) MBBS, FFMACCS (Med), FACP, FACNEM, ABBRM, MA5M Cosmetic Doctor, Melbourne

During treatment, the laser light is absorbed into the blood in the vein which converts to heat and causes the vein to shrink. The treatment doesn’t require any dressings or stockings to aid recovery.

There is a range of surface laser treatments which can be effective in treating veins including Aura Laser, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), Laser Genesis and YAG Laser, which can each differ in terms of cost. However, other procedures are generally more effective at treating varicose veins due to their size and nature. The preferred laser method is that of Endovenous Laser Ablation / Radiofrequency Laser Ablation Treatment.

Endovenous Laser Ablation Treatment (EVLT)

EVLT works by inserting a fibre-optic probe into the offending vein and using laser light to generate heat, causing the vein to shrink and close. An effective treatment option for larger veins such as the Greater Saphenous and Small Saphenous veins, EVLT can be performed in both the summer and winter months and offers patients a quick recovery.

While costs can vary between providers, EVLT typically costs more than Sclerotherapy but less than vein surgery. At Me Clinic, the cost of EVLT starts from $4,200.

Varicose vein surgery

There are two types of varicose vein surgery: Ambulatory Phlebectomy and traditional vein surgery.

Ambulatory Phlebectomy involves the surgical extraction of the offending veins by making only very small incisions, offering patients a relatively quick recovery. It is usually performed in-clinic using local anaesthetic.

Where Ambulatory Phlebectomy is not suitable, traditional vein surgery may be required. This treatment is suitable for treating larger veins which also require ligation (tying off) and possibly stripping and removal. The procedure is usually performed in hospital under general anaesthetic.

Varicose vein surgery typically costs more than other, less-invasive vein treatments. At Me Clinic varicose vein surgery is considered as the last treatment option. We recommend that our patients have the least invasive treatments to treat the varicose veins with minimal downtime.

How much will varicose vein treatment cost me?

As every patient we see has different needs and requirements, it is difficult to provide standardised pricing for varicose vein treatment.

The best way to find out how much it will cost is to attend a private consultation with one of our experienced physicians, who will assess your individual situation and develop a personalised quote for the most appropriate treatment option.

Varicose Vein treatment at Me Clinic

When you choose Me Clinic, you can benefit from our more than 35 years of experience in cosmetic surgery and medicine.
At Me Clinic we pioneer new methods and treatments and are considered by some one of the best liposuction clinics in Melbourne.

We pride ourselves on the care and attention we provide to fully understand your unique needs and requirements, to determine the most suitable treatment option. We make it our goal to ensure you are fully informed about your chosen treatment, what it involves and what you can expect following the procedure. We also provide a quality after-care program to monitor your recovery and ensure you receive the best possible care.

A typical varicose vein treatment journey at Me Clinic

At Me Clinic, we make it our mission to ensure your treatment is a positive experience from the time you first contact us until your last visit.

If you decide to undergo varicose vein treatment at Me Clinic, here is an overview of what you can expect:

1. Consultation

When you contact us, we will arrange a one-on-one consultation with an experienced Me Clinic physician who will:

  • undertake an assessment of your individual condition
  • explain the various treatment options and likely outcomes
  • provide an overview of the treatment process and expected timeframes
  • undertake a general medical consult (in most cases), and
  • provide a quote outlining the associated costs of treatment.

2. Book your procedure

If you decide to proceed with treatment, we will schedule a time for you to undergo the procedure.

3. Conduct the procedure

The procedure will be performed. Your physician will advise on what to expect following the procedure. Depending on the chosen procedure, most patients are able to return home immediately following treatment.

4. Post-procedure

Depending on the type of treatment performed, you may need to attend a post-procedure check-up. We will also be available for you to contact us if you need to discuss any concerns or have any questions.

Contact us

To discuss your individual needs and requirements with a Me Clinic physician, contact us to arrange a personal consultation.

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Surgical Warning: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.
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