Mole Removal

October 10, 2017

Most adults have moles on their bodies, but only a small percentage of those will have large raised moles. If you have one of these, you know just how aesthetically unappealing they can be. You might be lucky to have your mole conveniently located somewhere that you can hide it. Then again, you might be stuck with a rather large mole right in the middle of your face. There is no way of hiding that.

Although moles aren’t particularly large, they can really damage a person’s self confidence. Sufferers often say that they can feel people’s eyes drifting towards their mole during a conversation.

What are moles?

Moles are the result of an overproduction of melanin in a clump of skin cells. They can be present at birth or they may develop later on in life, usually during puberty. If they develop after birth, they usually appear flat, but they can become raised and even develop hairs.

Are they dangerous?

If you do not count the damage that a mole can do to a person’s self esteem, then no, moles are not particularly dangerous.

There is a very slight chance that your mole could become cancerous. The warning signs are usually a change in size, colour, shape or if they begin to ooze, bleed or weep. If this happens, you need to seek medical attention sooner rather than later. If caught early, most people can have the mole removed and continue to live long and healthy lives.

What are your options for mole removal?

You have had your mole checked by your doctor and he has assured you that it is not cancerous, but you still want to get rid of it. You are tired of this thing in the middle of your face. Who can blame you?

Depending on your circumstances, mole removal can be a very quick and easy procedure that requires almost no recovery time. . Using advanced electro surgery equipment, the mole is shaved down to the skin, which leaves no scarring.

If your doctor believes that your mole might be cancerous, it will have to be excised and then sent away for testing. Although, this procedure is more invasive, it is the only way to ensure that any potential skin cancer does not spread.

Here at the Me Clinic, we take mole checks and removal very seriously. If you have a mole that you would like taken care of, make an appointment to see one of our doctors.


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