Managing Man Boobs

April 30, 2019

We all have breasts, boys and girls. We were born with them and under the action of hormones in puberty things happen.

Due to female hormones (oestrogen), the breasts in women develop into fully grown breasts waiting for pregnancy to further develop and breastfeed the newborn baby.

The boys, under genetic predisposition, may be more sensitive to the little female hormone that men produce normally. Some men may also produce extra female hormone over their normal male hormone production – if this is the case then breast glands may develop abnormally.

Taking steroids for body building may result in diversion of some of the steroids to female hormone production, resulting in development of breast glands. This is called GYNAECOMASTIA. Men with enlarged breasts are often embarrassed and may not want to expose their chest at home or in public. This is very debilitating and can have an adverse effect on confidence and social interaction.
What can be done to alleviate this problem?

a) Assess the hormone levels and deal with any abnormalities
b) Stop anabolic steroids
c) Maintain a healthy weight
d) Surgery for gynaecomastia after assessing the breasts for abnormal lumps.

Surgery can be done under local anaesthetic or general anaesthetic. This surgery needs to be done carefully.

At the Me Clinic, liposuction to the breasts is performed. This is often sufficient to reduce any lumps or enlarged breasts. If there is a residual lump under the nipple and areola, then this can be excised. The aim is to achieve an improved cosmetic result and increase the patients confidence, efficiently and safely.

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