Fat Freezing or Light Touch Lipo?

February 03, 2021

Looking for a fat freezing alternative with faster results?

There are many non-surgical fat removal treatments on the market such as Fat Freezing, Fat Dissolving, Cool sculpt, just to name a few. We are sure that you have heard them all.

In principle, they all sound great; you lay there with a gel pad applied to the skin and the fat simply freezes away.That’s the theory ... The reality is that the volume of fat loss cannot be regulated or even guaranteed. A further downside is that you have to go back multiple times and pay for each treatment. This costs you time and money each time.

If you do get some results they would generally be noticeable only after 12 weeks post your treatment! That is a long time to wait to see if you have indeed gotten any results.

There is however, an alternative. Light touch Lipo at Me Clinic is a treatment with guaranteed fat removal. No unfulfilled promises, or 12 week waiting times, hoping for results.

The costs are surprisingly similar or even cheaper than multiple sessions of fat freezing treatments.

Light Touch Lipo is an effective procedure to improve the shape and contour of your body instantly! This minimally invasive procedure consists of  removing excess fat using special techniques and finer cannulas. Combined with gentle suction and under local anaesthetic, this technique helps to accurately target specific areas and delicately extract the excess of fat stored in small pockets areas of your body.

As a result, this involves less recovery time, and therefore less bruising  and discomfort than traditional Liposuction. Requiring only a few days recovery post operation even though we can remove up to two litres of fat! Our patients have had almost immediate results and are very noticeable within days.

We perform Light Touch Lipo on males and females  who vary in age, gender, size, and genetic predisposition. It is available for younger, middle-aged and older patients. Each procedure is tailored according an individual’s requirements as every patient is different. 

Light touch Lipo can be used effectively in the following areas:

  • chin and neck
  • bra fat
  • abdomen
  • love handle
  • flanks 
  • back 
  • buttocks
  • thighs
  • banana roll

Have any concerns? We’re happy to discuss them with you when you submit an enquiry online.  One of our team members will be in touch with you.

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