Is Liposuction Performed Under Local or General Anaesthesia?

Have you been considering contouring your body with liposuction? Melbourne patients have easy access to the experts in liposuction at Me Clinic for answering any questions that you may have – including what form of anaesthesia best suits your needs.

One of these questions is often centred around the type of anaesthesia used during the procedure. Many people do not realise that liposuction actually can be performed under local or general anaesthesia. Unsure which may apply to you, in this blog we detail which cases apply to each type of anaesthesia, helping you gather more information to help with your decision.

As always, to receive a definitive answer on whether or not a liposuction procedure and which anaesthesia involved is right for you, you’ll need to book your consultation. This first step will allow us to assess your situation and needs, ensuring that you choose the best path forward. When it comes to liposuction, Malvern patients are already making a smart move by considering the skilled Me Clinic team.

Local vs. general anaesthesia

The two options for anaesthesia during liposuction have one significant difference. With local anaesthesia, you remain awake, while under general anaesthesia, you will be asleep throughout the whole procedure. Both of these techniques are safe and suitable for most patients.

Local anaesthesia – If you require a small amount of fat to be removed in an effort to reshape a certain area of your body, or you would rather slower, more incremental fat removal, local anaesthesia is likely best for you.

General anaesthesia – is often used when larger amounts of fat are required to be removed at once.

When it comes to choosing which is right for you, this is often determined by your current situation, needs and goals.

The benefits of local anaesthesia

As with any surgical activity, there are associated risks. With a local anaesthesia, these risks are lower when compared with the general option.


26 year old female was very unhappy with her abdomen and waist.


Liposuction was performed to these areas to achieve a more shapely contour. The patient was very pleased with her new shape. This Liposuction was performed in our Melbourne clinic.

Liposuction can be performed under local or general anaesthesia to help you obtain the look you desire.

The recovery time with local anaesthesia is also much faster and does not require a wait time in a recovery room for any effects to wear off as general anaesthesia does.

The benefits of general anaesthesia

Not all situations are suitable for local anaesthesia. General anaesthesia often lends itself to a more comfortable experience as you will not be awake for any of the surgical process.

Mid- to large-sized areas require general anaesthesia making it more suitable for those looking to target the abdomen, hips, flanks or back. In these cases, general anaesthesia will maximise safety and results.

The experience of the surgeon coupled with a thorough discussion with the patient determines the best approach. At the Me Clinic decisions are made in consultation with the patient and their desires.


This 46 year old male was unhappy with his abdomen and upper hips despite exercises and healthy eating.


A liposuction procedure was performed to the abdomen and upper hips. He achieved an excellent result from his liposuction procedure.

Tumescent liposuction is the most common and popular technique, which is why local anaesthesia or general anaesthetia can be used.

Choosing the best options for Liposuction, Melbourne can offer

If you are still unsure, it is important to remember that you do not need to find these answers by yourself. A consultation with the surgeons at Me Clinic will determine the best options for you to ensure you achieve your body goals.

Trust the surgeons with years of experience and an extensive portfolio of success. Make an appointment at Me Clinic today and start your journey towards a more toned and desirable look.

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