Seven things to consider before Breast Augmentation

1. Why do I want Breast Augmentation? Is it for me?

Ensure you are making a well thought out, educated, and rational decision. Go into your consultation with an open mind and realistic expectations. Here are some good reasons to consider a breast augmentation:

-if you are wanting to get your old shape and volume back which has been lost through ageing or breastfeeding
-if you are struggling with breast asymmetry
-if you are feeling out of proportion to the rest of your body and find it hard to buy clothes and are looking for an alternative solution
-if it is seriously affecting your day to day activities or self confidence

2. Choose a qualified surgeon whom you are comfortable with.

It doesn’t matter if your friends say he is the best surgeon around, if you are not comfortable with that particular person, find another surgeon. Their office doesn’t always have to have all the bells and whistles, but look at his history of work. Ask yourself, “does my view, match my surgeon’s view, as to what is aesthetically pleasing (when it comes to breasts)?”

3. Take your time to ask your surgeon about all aspects of the procedure and or the alternatives. E.g. Type of implants, above or below the muscle, Risks and Benefits.

Talk to your surgeon about anything good or bad you have heard about the procedure, to ensure you can make the best informed decision possible. Surgeons are the best educated people to ask about this, not random people on blogs or online forums. They may be giving an accurate answer, but every person is different and it may be the wrong answer for you!

4. Be realistic about the procedure, the results, and how big you want your breasts to be.

You need to be realistic about what is achievable for your body type. You can’t take in a photo (of someone else) to you consult and say “I want this!” You have your own unique body, and you need to work with what you have. Enhance what you’ve got and own it!

5. Do not rush and don’t be pushed into making a decision.

Statistics show it takes the average person takes about 6months to decide if this procedure is right for them. Make sure you are making the decision for yourself and not anyone else. This isn’t something you should be pressured into doing.

6. If in doubt, hold off until you are satisfied that questions have been answered properly.

We recommend you have more than one consultation if you still have questions. Be sure you are comfortable with the changes you are making to your body. Make sure it’s a positive one!

7. Beware of Discount and Cut Price clinics.

They may have a very limited selection of what implants are used, which may not actually suit your body shape or achieve desired result. In addition their surgeons may be inexperienced, or not properly trained or qualified, or worse still overworked in a production line environment.

The Me Clinic has a tailored approach to surgery for each patient and each case is treated individually. We do not believe in a cookie cutter or production line type approach to surgery. Not every women wants big round prominent breasts or ‘stripper boobs”!

At discount and cut price clinics you can often get a consultation and procedure within a 24 hour time frame, which could mean they are neglecting to take the time to properly assess your requirements and prepare for you for surgery.

Surgery is a serious matter…..Always do your research and make sure you’re giving yourself the best chance at a safe and happy result. Money comes and goes, but we only get one body, so treat it kindly.

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