What Is Spider Vein Treatment and How Does It Work?

If you notice the appearance of spider veins, thin lines, webs, or branches that are beginning to appear under your skin, you’ll be relieved to know that a treatment is available. For vein treatment, Melbourne patients can turn to the vein care practitioners at Me Clinic for a solution.

Spider veins occur when the valves inside the veins are damaged or naturally weaken, preventing blood from flowing. This causes the vein to branch out, creating a less-than-desirable look. Spider veins can be caused by situations such as pregnancy, genetics, or even prolonged standing.

Spider veins do not present a risk, but you may be unhappy with their appearance. To improve this, Me Clinic is the vein clinic Melbourne residents can access to treat these veins with a procedure known as Sclerotherapy. Read on to learn more about it.

Vein treatment Melbourne with Me Clinic

A popular way to get rid of spider veins, is with a process called Sclerotherapy, a treatment that can target smaller accessory veins, removing them and slowing further deterioration.

Using a sclerosant solution, our expert doctors inject the vein. This causes the offending veins to block which leads to a natural healing process. This causes the vein to shrink over time, eventually disappearing. The actual Sclerotherapy process is quick, and patients are encouraged to walk and mobilise.


This 60 year old had extensive Spider Veins and Varicose Veins to both her legs.


Sclerotherapy treated virtually all her varicose veins and a YAG Laser treatment eliminated her Spider veins. The patient was extremely pleased with her results.

Spider veins can be unsightly, which is why Me Clinic offers a solution via Sclerotherapy.

Understanding the Sclerotherapy process

A solution is injected into the offending vein with microneedles. Ultrasound will be used as a guide in cases where larger veins are not easily located. The procedure is very quick and results in some possible bruising afterwards.

If the veins turn dark, there is no cause for concern as they will fade with time. You may experience some tenderness or redness, but this can be helped along by walking up to 30 minutes daily. Avoid vigorous exercise for the first 24 hours and refrain from taking a long car or plane trip.

The results of Sclerotherapy

The healing process begins immediately after injection; however, the severity of your spider veins will determine if more than one treatment session is required. The amount of solution that can be injected at once is limited, which is why some situations require more treatments.

With the exception of a slight prick from the needle, Sclerotherapy is a comfortable process, helped along by the fact that the Me Clinic team do everything possible to make your procedure a pleasant experience. Over time, the veins will disappear, and you will forget you ever had them.

Please note that sclerotherapy treats the offending veins but does not stop new veins from developing. The rate of new veins forming depends on genetics, standing, hormones and pregnancy, all of which stimulate new vein production.



Sclerotherapy creates a natural healing process, here is a before and after example from a previous Me Clinic patient.

The vein treatment Melbourne trusts

Book your initial consultation with one of our experience practitioners at the Me Clinic Melbourne today and begin the process of getting rid of your spider veins. We will ensure that Sclerotherapy is the right option for you first by assessing your veins. Our team will explain the treatment process and provide a detailed, no-obligation quote, ensuring you are completely comfortable before moving forward.

The removal of spider veins can help to boost your aesthetic and your confidence. Speak to the experts at Me Clinic today and take advantage of our wealth of experience in vein treatment. Melbourne patients can see excellent results that allow them to feel comfortable in their skin once again. Call us today!

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