What Is the Best Treatment for My Spider Veins?

February 04, 2021

Spider veins often look like thin lines, webs, or branches in blue, purple, or red. They often occur when the one-way valves inside the veins weaken or become damaged. The blood no longer flows and pools inside the vein making the vein branch out.

Spider veins normally occur as a result of pregnancy, genetics, or even prolonged standing. While they do not pose a risk, they can be unsightly, prompting people to treat these veins with Sclerotherapy.

Vein treatment Melbourne with Me Clinic

Sclerotherapy is the treatment most commonly used to target smaller accessory veins like spider veins.

Sclerotherapy uses a sclerosant solution to displace the blood in the vein and create a natural healing process. After this solution is injected, the vein will shrink and eventually disappear. This is a quick process that allows you to resume regular activities immediately.

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While spider veins do not pose a risk, they can be unsightly, prompting people to treat them with Sclerotherapy.

What is involved during and after the process?

A solution is injected with micro-needles which begins the process of contracting the offending vein. In cases where the veins are not easily visible, the use of ultrasound can be added as a guide.

After the procedure, some bruising should be expected, or the veins may turn dark, looking worse before they look better. All of this will fade with time and can be assisted with medication if needed. There may be some tenderness and redness after the treatment, which can be reduced by walking. It is not recommended that you stand for long periods of time directly after treatment, however.

A good plan can be to walk up to 30 minutes daily along with your normal activities. Vigorous exercise should not be undertaken for the first 24 hours and you should avoid a long car or plane trip.

Results and comfort levels

Once injected, the process of disappearing spider veins begins immediately. More than one treatment session may be required in severe cases as there is a limit to the amount of solution that can be injected at once.

There will be some slight pinching from the needle going into the vein, but many patients report very little discomfort with this process. The Me Clinic team place your comfort as a high priority and will do whatever they can to make this a pleasant experience.

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Sclerotherapy uses a sclerosant solution to replace the blood in the vein and create a natural healing process.

Getting rid of spider veins with the vein treatment Melbourne can trust

All it takes is a quick consultation with the expert team at Me Clinic Melbourne to ensure that Sclerotherapy is right for you, and you’ll be on the path to spider vein disappearance. We will assess your veins and explain the treatment process so you are completely comfortable with what will be required.

Boost your confidence by getting rid of your spider veins by speaking to the experts at Me Clinic today. Their removal is a simple process that will not require much time out of your schedule at all. With a wealth of experience in vein treatment, Melbourne can trust us!

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