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As one of the most performed cosmetic procedures for men around the globe, liposuction can dramatically improve your physique. Diet and exercise can only do so much—if you’re looking for a way to permanently alter the size or shape of problematic areas of the body, few cosmetic treatments can be as effective as liposuction.

Using a specially designed cannula attached to a suction device, liposuction works by carefully extracting unwanted fat cells from the body while ensuring surrounding tissue remains undamaged. Usually performed in a single treatment under local or general anaesthetic, the procedure itself is fast and painless and can achieve fantastic results.

Popular liposuction treatments for men

While women tend to carry excess fat in their buttocks, stomach, hips and thighs, men tend to carry excess fat in different areas of the body such as their chest, waistline, stomach, face or chin.

Man Boobs/Gynaecomastia

‘Man boobs’ (also known as Gynaecomastia or Male Breast enlargement) are one of the most common complaints men approach us about.

Usually caused by an excess of glandular tissue in the chest area, and excess fat man boobs can be extremely difficult to treat through diet and exercise alone. However, treating them using liposuction is a relatively straightforward procedure. By making a very small incision below the nipple, the problematic tissue can be delicately extracted to produce a firmer, more sculpted chest.

Beer Belly/Abdomen

The abdominal region is one of the most common areas of the body where men gain weight with most men suffering from the dreaded ‘Beer Belly’ or ‘Pot Belly’ at some point in their life. While not necessarily caused by consuming too much beer, a protruding beer belly can make you feel unattractive and undermine your confidence.

Liposuction can be used to flatten a bulging beer belly and produce a much leaner abdominal profile provided the fat sits outside the abdominal wall. When combined with liposculpture or Vaser high definition liposuction, you can even create a more toned or sculpted abdominal region—by strategically targeting fat located around the abdominal muscles, we can make the underlying muscles more visible to produce a well-defined four or six-pack.

Love Handles/Waistline/Flanks

Whether caused by genetics, age, hormonal changes or a combination of factors, it’s common for men to gain weight around their waistline and for those undesirable ‘Love Handles‘ to become more prominent. Not typically as appealing as the name suggests, love handles can be a major source of embarrassment for men.

Liposuction can be highly effective at slimming the waistline and eliminating love handles to achieve a more pleasing and proportionate shape.


Liposuction can help you improve the size, shape and contour of your buttocks. The strategic removal of fat in the area can be used to reduce the overall size of your buttocks, while also creating a more lifted, rounded or perky posterior.

Upper Arms

Excess fat around the upper arms is another common concern for a large number of men. The upper arms are often one of the last regions of the body to shed excess fat after a period of weight loss, making your arms appear out of proportion to the rest of your body.

Liposuction provides an effective way to eliminate those hard-to-shift fat deposits and create the appearance of more toned, muscular arms.

Chin, Neck and Face

Liposuction can also be an effective way to treat a sagging or drooping neck or a double or triple chin (also known as submental fat). It’s also effective at removing small fat deposits or addressing a receding chin.

Facial liposuction on areas such as the cheeks can also be a suitable treatment option for men who want to achieve a slimmer or more youthful facial profile. Some men also choose to combine facial liposuction with other anti-ageing treatments such as a face lift to reduce wrinkles and sagging skin.

Liposuction techniques

Our surgeons most commonly use the tumescent liposuction technique, which is a procedure performed in a short period of time that offers a speedy recovery with minimal discomfort and bruising.

During treatment, diluted local anaesthetic and adrenaline are infused into the problem area to minimise discomfort. A small incision is made in the problem area and the unwanted fat cells are extracted under vacuum using a small suction tube while also working to sculpt and shape the treatment area.

Depending on your individual treatment requirements, your surgeon may recommend the use of another liposuction technique such as:

  • Ultrasound Liposuction/Advanced Vaser Hi Definition Liposculpture which allows a more precise extraction of fat cells by using an ultrasound device that melts the fat without affecting vital tissues. This results in less discomfort and a quicker recovery time.
  • Laser Lipolysis which utilises laser light to heat and melt fat and contract collagen fibres to produce tighter skin and a smoother result.
  • Power-Assisted Liposuction which adopts a similar technique to tumescent liposuction, using a small power cannula to very delicately move through fat in the treatment area.
  • Mega Liposuction which involves the withdrawal of large volumes of fat in a single procedure.

Find out more about the different types of liposuction

Results and effectiveness

Liposuction is most revered for its ability to achieve permanent results. As the body stops producing new fat cells after puberty, weight gain post-liposuction will be limited to any remaining fat cells which are unlikely to balloon out of proportion to the surrounding areas if you do gain weight in the future.

To give you an indication of the type of results you can achieve with liposuction, here are some examples of what we’ve been able to achieve for other men we’ve treated who were suffering from issues including man boobs, love handles, a beer belly or double chin:

Case example – Man Boobs/Gynecomastia

We were able to achieve a more masculine and sculpted chest for this patient who disliked the excess fat that had accumulated to create the look of ‘man boobs’.

Case example – Beer Belly/Abdomen

We produced a slimmer and flatter abdominal profile by removing just over one litre of fat for this 36 year old patient who was unhappy with his protruding pot belly.

Case example – Beer Belly/Abdomen, Love Handles and Chest

This 46 year old man had a pronounced waist (love handles) and chest as well as protruding beer belly. By removing four litres of fat from his waist, abdomen and chest we were able to create a more defined and pleasing physique.

Case example – Face

This young man wanted to eliminate his ‘double chin’. By performing liposuction we were able to achieve a more defined chin and neckline.

Cost of Male Liposuction

As every patient we see has different requirements, it is difficult to provide standardised pricing as each procedure is tailored to the individual patient’s situation.

To provide a general indication of what your liposuction procedure might cost, here are the starting prices for some of our popular liposuction treatments for men:

  • Man boobs/Gynaecomastia – Starts from $7,500.
  • Abdomen/Waist – Starts from $8,100.
  • Upper Arms – Starts from $5,100.
  • Buttocks – Starts from $4,900.
  • Chin/Neck – Starts from $3,900.
  • Face – Starts from $3,160.

Your surgeon will discuss the most suitable liposuction treatment option based on your individual requirements and provide a personalised quote. Please contact us here, to arrange your consultation with us.

Click the following link for full pricing detail on the cost of Liposuction.

Liposuction at Me Clinic

At Me Clinic, we understand why men consider liposuction and the results they want to achieve. We provide a discreet and understanding environment where you can find out more about the various treatment options available to you.

With over 35 years for cosmetic surgery experience to share with you, we were one of the first clinics to perform liposuction in Australia and have performed more than 10,000 procedures.

Find out more about liposuction at Me Clinic or contact us to arrange a personal consultation.

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