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Eyebrow - Raising Beauty trends

Source: Sydney Morning Herald

"If u have nice eyebrows u literally have everything u need in life."

This Instaquote from the model known for having the best brows in the business, Cara Delevingne, attracted more than 250,000 likes in less than four hours, with her dramatic fuller eyebrow look currently one of the most coveted beauty trends.

Women who have long been obsessed with the quest for hairless perfection are now lining up for cosmetic surgery in the form of eyebrow transplants to replicate the look, with the UK's Daily Mail reporting that inquires for eyebrow transplants have increased by 45 per cent since 2010.

The procedure isn't as Frankenstein as it sounds. Hairs are removed from a donor site, usually from the back of the head, and strand by strand are inserted into the brow line.
Dr Ashley Granot from the Me Clinic has been performing eyebrow transplants with increasing regularity.

While all reasons for undertaking the procedure are cosmetic in nature, a number of situations can lead someone requiring an eyebrow transplant. "Scarring is a big factor. Some have had an accident or severe acne where a scar prevents the hair from growing. Many have simply over-plucked or waxed to follow the fashion of the day and found their hair didn't grow back," he says. As can be expected, this intricate procedure takes hours to complete, and the cost can reach "well into the thousands" depending on how much hair needs to be transplanted.

Even the follicularly blessed are parting with large amounts of cash, sometimes up to $200 per appointment, for brow shaping and maintenance.

Sharon-Lee Hamilton Clarke has been shaping eyebrows for 20 years and says a professional eyebrow makeover can change the shape of the face completely.

"The eyebrows alter the overall balance of the face and can take years off if done properly," she says.

But it doesn't come cheap. A personal treatment with Sharon-Lee in her Woollahra studio will set you back $155 and includes a full face reading, colouring services along with a full brow shaping. A hand massage and light make-up application complete the service.

So why the extravagance? Veet beauty director Amy Erbacher says that like the hair on our head, eyebrows also follow fashionable trends. "The 'Australian' brow is a classic look that we see many Aussie girls wearing. This is a fuller brow that is well groomed and has a nice arch that tapers softly towards the temple, think Jennifer Hawkins," says Erbacher.

Models Bambi Northwood-Blythe and her "untamed and unruly brow" and of course the big dark brow of Cara Delevigine are also currently leading the way.

"Cara's brows definitely make a statement. I believe fashion repeats itself in some ways and what we're seeing now is a repeat of the big, bold and bushy statement brows of Brooke Shields in the '80s," Erbacher says.

For the average girl, Erbacher says it's probably best not to follow trends. As the shaved, bleached and over-plucked styles of the past have shown, even eyebrow looks come in and out of style.

"Make-up to the brows can help achieve a 'trend' look," she suggests.

Typically square-shaped faces suit a fuller brow, heart-shape faces should choose a round brow, flat brows for a long face, arched brows for a round face and almost any style will suit an oval face.

Above all Erbacher suggests when it comes to brows, keep it simple, especially for the DIYers.

A combination of waxing and tweezing is suggested to achieve a professional look at home.

"Waxing removes hair from the root and I'd opt for tweezers after waxing to remove the odd stray hair," she suggests.

Erbacher suggests the essential brow toolkit should include a wax product such as Veet's Face Precision Wax and Care, a great pair of sharp tweezers like Tweezerman and clear brow gel mascara to keep unruly hairs in place. Once confidence improves, advanced techniques can be applied using brow pencils to define an arch or a brow colour palate which can offer almost a 3D effect.

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