Aussies get cosmetic surgery, Anti Wrinkle injections to help their career

August 18, 2013
AUSTRALIANS are getting cosmetic surgery and Anti Wrinkle injections in order to give themselves an edge against younger co-workers.

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Breast Reduction through Liposuction

June 24, 2013
Modern cosmetic treatments really are helping improve women’s quality of life. Now, even breast reduction can be done without scarring and the usual risks of traditional surgery. Breast reduction with liposuction is a much less intrusive, safer, more convenient way for women to address problems associated with having large or very large breasts.

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Why are Professional Laser Centres more Expensive than Beauty Salons for Hair Reduction?

May 30, 2013
Laser Hair removal is fast gaining popularity due to the long lasting effects and convenience it places on your lives. The industry has seen a sharp rise of centres that claim to offer pain free treatment with 100% permanent hair removal at very cheap rates. But let’s face it, no clinic, no matter what strength or type of laser can ever guarantee 100% permanent hair removal.

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Acne Myths Exposed – The truth about acne, causes and treatments

March 29, 2013
Acne is one of the most common skin conditions in the world, and has made millions of people miserable, frustrated and self-conscious for centuries. It’s no surprise then that myths about acne abound, and really only serve to confuse acne sufferers about what’s causing their acne and what they can do about it. Let us clear the air, and hopefully help you clear up some of your acne as well!

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Breast Augmentation, Your Questions Answered

March 21, 2013
Did you know that breast augmentation is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic surgery procedures, and more than two million women have silicone breast implants? So if you are thinking of ‘upgrading’ or ‘remodelling’ your bustline, you are certainly not alone.

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FAQ on how to get rid of Varicose Veins

March 19, 2013
Whether they’re in our lower legs, hands, arms, feet, groin, thighs or genitals, varicose veins are frustrating at best – and painful at worst. Fortunately treatments are available for this common but unsightly problem.

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Laser Skin Resurfacing

November 21, 2012
While it’s never good to suffer from acne, the good news is that specialist acne treatments have advanced significantly in recent years. Treating acne no longer needs to involve a guessing game to figure out which age-old acne myths are true or false. And skin therapy clinics now offer a wide range of treatments for mild to severe acne, targeting both the cause and the effects of the problem.

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