How to Get Rid of Man Boobs Fast

March 01, 2013

Whether you once had rock-hard pecks and lost control of your diet and exercise programme, or have had man boobs all your adult life, you now find yourself in the right frame of mind to buckle down and win the battle against "moobs" once and for all.

Although having man boobs can be an extremely difficult and often embarrassing experience - especially if feeling unattractive has given you low self esteem - by eating properly, sticking to an exercise plan, and getting a nip or tuck for yourself, you'll be able to feel better about your body the next time you hit the beach.

Eat properly If you were once the proud owner of pumped-up, shapely chest muscles but are now on your way to looking anything but buff, stop letting your man boobs define your life by opting to look after yourself (and your former pecs) by eating sensibly, rewarding yourself when you reach your weight goals, and changing your unhealthy eating habits for the long-term. Eating properly won't give you ripped chest muscles fast, but it will help to decrease your body fat, which can be responsible for giving you the appearance of man boobs. Shedding excess fat will also set the scene for strong and sexy pecs, so when you firm up the muscles beneath your man boobs through exercise, your confidence will go through the roof.

Exercise regularly

Once you get started on your diet, the act of exercising to get that great body is entirely up to you. Whether walking on the treadmill does the trick or perhaps riding a stationery bike works best, whatever works for you will need to be explored. Also, keep in mind that the more exercise you do, the easier it'll become. Practice does indeed make perfect when it comes to exercising regularly.

Aside from cardiovascular exercise, strength training might just be the hardest part of defeating your man boobs. The most obvious solution is to purchase a set of dumbbells for use at home, but the last thing you want is to worsen the appearance of them, especially if you're building muscle under your fat and breast tissue. Asking a fitness expert or trainer how to perform strength training correctly, and target a particular muscle group, might be a convenient way to solve this little problem.

Consider surgery

Unfortunately, some men can have increased levels of female hormones and decreased levels of male hormones, which can lead to Gynecomastia, or breasts that look like women's. Others have normal hormone levels but are just generally more receptive to those hormones. It doesn't matter how much you exercise or watch what you eat - be it under your own steam, or with professional guidance - other methods are required to lose the man boobs. This is why it's important to know that man boobs are not always the result of just being overweight.

Now, with effective treatments such as liposuction and other surgical procedures readily available, a quick nip or tuck is the perfect way to rediscover your lost confidence and put an end to those "moob" jokes for good. The important thing is to find a cosmetic surgeon with the right kind of experience; in other words, they should have experience treating man boobs or Gynaecomastia.

To discuss how you can get rid of man boobs fast drop by the Me Clinic for a friendly, professional consultation.


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