Excessive sweating (hyperhydrosis) can be treated

Excessive sweating, also called hyperhydrosis, affects about three percent of the population. Anyone who suffers from excessive underarm sweating knows it can be a very embarrassing problem that can have profound impacts on their social life, relationships with other people, confidence and self esteem, enjoyment of everyday activities, as well as impacting on their work life.

What causes excessive underarm sweating?

Sweating is controlled by the hypothalamus, in your brain. Most of the time, sweating is a useful and natural process that does not cause problems. However, hyperhydrosis, or excessive sweating, does not just occur if it’s particularly hot, or you are being particularly active and physical. Excessive sweating occurs because your sweat glands are in overdrive – they are getting a false message that they should jump into action, when really you want them to wait silently until there is a ‘real’ need. Unfortunately, excessive sweating is often hereditary (it runs in families), so you may have your parents to ‘thank’ for your uncomfortable position.

Excessive underarm sweating can be treated

Excessive underarm sweating has been successfully treated using a well known muscle relaxant which is now widely used for a number of cosmetic treatments, as well as providing relief for chronic conditions such as excessive sweating. When used to treat excessive underarm sweating, the muscle relaxant targets the problem at its source. Given by injection, the muscle relaxant enters your sweat glands and blocks the release of acetycholine, the chemical responsible for stimulating the sweat glands into action. Muscle relaxant treatments are quick – it only takes about ten minutes, and can give very effective and lasting results. Responses vary from person to person, but on average the first treatment can provide relief for more than seven months. The most common side effects include increased sweating in other areas, pain at the injection site, and temporary arm weakness. Of course, you should always discuss the risks and benefits of treatment fully with your doctor before proceeding.

Feel the freedom – what a difference it can make

If you are one of the millions of people who suffer from this condition, it’s likely you’ve been dealing with uncomfortable and embarrassing sweating for quite some time, even years. If you can be successfully treated with the muscle relaxant you will find you have a new confidence and enjoyment of life. Things that others take for granted, such as wearing tight fitting clothing (of any colour), having the confidence to socialise more intimately with others, and not feeling self-conscious about wet patches, will become ‘normal’ for you once again.

More information Treatment for hyperhydrosis using muscle relaxants is offered in Melbourne by the professional and caring staff at the Me Clinic.

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