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This information has been medically reviewed by Melbourne-based cosmetic surgeon Dr. Ashley Granot. Linkedin Profile here.

Liposuction is the removal of fat to shape the body. Liposuction or liposculpture is a procedure where excess fatty tissue is removed, through suction, from areas such as the abdomen, inner or outer thighs, buttocks, “love handles” neck or other areas, in order to achieve an improvement in the general body contour. If you want to learn more about liposuction and what it is, click here for a guide.

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The most common question we are asked about the Liposuction procedure is what it is likely to cost. There is no simple answer to this question because there are so many variables to consider. Generally speaking the cost of Liposuction varies depending on the number of areas and time required to perform the procedure. It can therefore be difficult to quote 'general fees' for Liposuction as there are so many factors that can determine the final price. The main factors that determine price of a procedure are:

1. The number of treatment areas.

2. The time required in theartre.

This is not an exhaustive list, just the most common factors that impact the price of Liposuction in Australia.

At Me Clinic we always recommend a one on one consultation with a Surgeon so that he/she can examine and assess the areas to be treated. Only after this consultation can we give accurate costs, which we provide in a customised quote tailored to your needs and requirements. If you don't know if liposuction is a good idea, we have a quick guide here that might help.

We understand however that sometimes you just want a guide to see whether it is within your personal financial means. So we have developed this guide to give a general overview, however it is not a fixed price quote and these are guides only.

Liposuction fees as guide;

One area of the body: $3,000 to $5,000

Two areas of the body: $6,000 to $10,000

Three areas of the body: $9,000 to $15,000

Generally the liposuction costs for one area of the body starts from $3000. The following table provides details around the likely cost of Liposuction (a starting price) based on the area being considered.

Chin and Neck: $4,000

Abdomen (One area): $6,200

Inner and outer thighs: $7,900

What makes up the cost of Liposuction procedure?

There are a number of components that make up the total cost of a Liposuction procedure in Australia. The Me Clinic uses the latest techniques and some of the highest qualified practitioners in the field. Here are also some things to expect when undergoing a liposuction procedure. Our Liposuction fees are inclusive of:

(+) Surgeon fees

Your surgeon's fees will be included in the quotation that you are provided with. The surgeon’s fee will vary dependant on a number of factors such as;

1. The liposuction area ,
2. The number of areas,
3. Time needed in theatre,
4. The level of expertise required to perform the procedure and achieve the best possible results,
5. The level of aftercare required to achieve optimum results, and
6. Location of the practice (country).

You surgeon should be highly experienced in performing liposuction. They should carry the appropriate qualifications and accreditations. These are considered basic requirements and if you feel at all uncomfortable or unsure with your chosen surgeon, you should reconsider your choice. It is always good practice to seek an alternate opinion and consider seeing a number of surgeons before you choose.

(+) Theatre and hospital fees

Hospital and theatre fees can vary greatly depending on where and when you attend. Almost all hospitals and day surgeries will charge an hourly rate. The charge will cover all hospital (sometimes referred to as a day surgery) and theatre fees.

There are certain things you should look out for when you are advised of the hospital (or Day surgery) that you will attend. These are:

1. Accredited facilities
2. Appropriately trained staff
3. High standards which are generally published for the public.

Costs can vary greatly among different hospitals; however the length of time, that is required in theatre, will determine the majority of the cost for this part of your liposuction procedure fees. As a general rule the more areas you have treated with liposuction, the longer it will take and therefore the higher the liposuction costs. It is important to note that this is a general rule and more complex liposuction requirements will, and should take longer.

In most cases liposuction is performed without the need for an overnight stay. In these instances your anaesthesia will determine your length of recovery after the procedure. It is not the only factor that determines the recovery though as your own personal physiology, general well being and age also impact on the time you will need to recover.

(+) Aneasthetist fees

Most Liposuction is performed under a general anaesthetic. In these cases it is important that you first ensure your anaesthetist is a member of the Australian Society of Anaesthetists. In other words they should be appropriately qualified to perform these services. Me Clinic only uses ASA qualified Anaesthetists.

To get further detail on costs and qualifications of Anaesthetists you can visit the website located at and see the information the ASA provides on likely costs. You will see that the fee charged is determined by the Medical Benefit Scheme or MBS. Here is the statement provided by the ASA; "The fee charged by your anaesthetist is related to the Medical Benefits Schedule (MBS) number or the Relative Value Guide (RVG) number.” as stated on the site.

Generally fees for Anaesthetists range up to $800 per hour. How long they are required will vary from patient to patient depending on the treatment area and the number of areas. As a general rule expect between 1-2 hours for a single area of Liposuction, however for more areas the time increases.

(+) Post-operative Care

As has been explained in the previous sections, aftercare can vary depending on your general well being, the type and number of areas liposuction is being performed. Me Clinic prides itself on the quality of aftercare provided and we consider what we offer to be one of the best services provided to patients in this field. Your aftercare is included in your procedure fee. There are no separate aftercare fees. For recovery tips post operation, click here.

During the initial consultation we will provide you all the details that are necessary for you to clearly understand the aftercare provided to you for your specific treatment.

(+) Post-Operative Garments

Our liposuction patients are required to wear a garment post surgery. The length of time required to wear the garment depends on the procedure area and is discussed with the patent at the pre-op consultation. Wearing a garment after surgery is essential in achieving optimum results. Liposuction garment fees are included in your procedure fee.

Types of Liposuction can affect the cost?

There are 3 types of liposuction that can be performed. Each of these types will produce a different level of result. Each of these liposuction techniques will also have different costs. The three types are;

1. Tumescent technique
2. Laser
3. Ultrasound assisted

Fat is removed by using medical instruments, called cannulas, assisted by medical suction machines. To do this, the fat needs to be softened and this is achieved by the methods listed above. In modern liposculpture, the procedure is performed using specially-designed steel cannulas which remove fat without damaging other tissues. Generally patients are given sedation first. For more information about the types of liposuction, click here.

How can I determine what I will pay for Liposuction?

As we have mentioned throughout this page the cost of the Liposuction varies depending on the number of areas, the complexity and time required to perform the procedure. A one on one consultation with the Surgeon is essential to initially examine and assess the areas. It is only then that we can accurately provide a customised quote tailored to your individual needs and requirements. It is for these reasons that we can only provide a price range until we are able to examine you during the one on one consultation.

However, as guide only the cost of liposuction procedure to one area starts from $3000.

Why Me Clinic?

This is a question you should ask to any clinic you are considering having a liposuction procedure with. Me Clinic was one of the first clinics in Australia to perform Liposuction and it continues to lead the industry on patient care and treatment through our customer charter and Responsible Cosmetic Surgery ™ and Responsible Cosmetic Medicine ™ policies. The only ones of their type in Australia.

We are proud of;

  • Our 30+ Years of experience (Since 1983),
  • Our pioneering approach to Liposuction and patient care,
  • Highly specialised cosmetic surgeons
  • You see a qualified cosmetic surgeon at all your consultations.

Why Australia, rather than overseas?

Liposuction is a cosmetic yet medical procedure which needs to be performed by qualified and experienced Practitioners, in clinical and accredited facilities. Our qualified and experienced Practitioners in Australia are members of the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery, who must adhere to and maintain high standards in the safe provision of cosmetic medicine and cosmetic surgical procedures to the Australian general community.

A typical Lipousuction Journey

Your journey to have liposuction starts from the time you enquire and finishes at the completion of the procedure and our aftercare. In more detail here are the typical steps that you will go through with Me Clinic;

Step 1:

You have a one on one consultation with a qualified and highly experienced Surgeon. At this initial consultation we will:

- Discuss your areas of concern.
- Set realistic expectations by ensuring you understand what is and is not achievable through Liposuction.
- We will also ensure you understand what is required from you.
- We will also undertake a general medical consult (in most cases).

Step 2:

We will provide you a detailed quote.

Step 3:

We will arrange test to ensure that you are medically fit to have the procedure.

Step 4:

You will then be booked in to have procedure

Step 5:

The procedure is performed.

Step 6:

You will have post operative care (Aftercare).

The key to achieving the best possible results is ensuring you have the appropriate follow up and aftercare.

Health and well being is important to us

Your health and wellbeing is of utmost priority through every step of the journey, when the procedure is performed in Australia. You have a Surgeon and a Nursing Team supporting you through this journey in a safe and clinical environment. Whilst overseas might be a totally different story altogether. You don’t know your surgeon, his qualifications, the clinical settings they operate in. You are focused only on what happens on the day and not much emphasis or care is placed on your health, aftercare and potential health risks that may arise as a result.

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