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Did you know that the simple process of cheek injections can improve the shape of your face? With Me Clinic's cheek fillers you can enhance and volumise your cheeks creating balance while improving the look of specific proportions of your face.

This safe way to combat the ageing process is a popular option for those who want to avoid more in-depth surgery and permanent change of cheek implants.

Ageing causes the cheeks to become disproportionate with a loss of volume. Many patients, both men and women, look to rejuvenate the face as a result. With cheek injections, you may attain the youthful look of fuller cheeks while gaining extra support to the lower eyelid area which can reduce the size of eyebags much like our eye surgery options do.

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The benefits of cheek fillers

The Me Clinic team are well-versed in restoring facial volume with dermal fillers to create a more youthful look that can also boost your self-confidence.

By using a thin needle or cannula to inject filler under topical anaesthesia, you will experience minimal discomfort during the procedure which can offer the following benefits:

  • Create the desirable ‘S’ shaped curve to the face from the peak of the cheek along the jawline
  • Replace lost volume
  • Rectify the droop and flattening that can occur with age
  • Create more prominent cheeks
  • Minimal downtime required

This 40 year old patient felt that she was looking tired and unhappy.


Dermal Fillers in the cheeks and under the eyes create a natural refreshed look! These fillers can last 9 to 18 months. Source: Mike Clague.

Dermal fillers can create a refreshed look that lasts anywhere between 9 - 18 months.

Why opt for a non-surgical treatment option?

The team at Me Clinic offer a range of solutions for the many aesthetic downsides of ageing. We understand that not everyone is comfortable with a surgical solution, which is why we offer the non-surgical injection option.

The injection of dermal fillers into the cheeks creates minimal pain and can offer a solution that lasts for 6 - 18 months. Dermal fillers are a way to replace volume in the mid-cheek area without the need for significant downtime. A good way to avoid the need for implants, cheek filler fills the mid-cheek area reducing the impact of eye bags.

This solution can also be applied to a range of facial areas to give an overall refreshed and youthful look that is still natural. Our team works hard to create a new look that is tailored to your existing features in a shape that is desired by you.

What will cheek fillers cost?

The cost of this procedure will depend on your specific requirements. You will also have the opportunity to combine cheek fillers with a range of facial improvements like face or brow lifts for an overall refresh.

If you are interested in this, speak to one of our experts during your consultation. We will present all of the options available to you, while detailing all the costs involved. Once you have decided on the procedures that you would like, the team at Me Clinic will provide a full, no-obligation quote.

If you are unsure of where to begin, we will work with you to assess your needs and goals, tailoring a non-surgical plan (if that is your preference) to suit. Along with cost information given during your customised, no-obligation quote, you can ask a range of other questions to make an informed decision on the best path forward for your needs.

Double Chin Reduction

The Me Clinic team is well-versed in restoring facial volume with dermal fillers to create a more youthful look that can also boost your self-confidence.

Refresh your look with the experts at Me Clinic

When dealing with any procedure, surgical or non-surgical, it is important to place your care in the hands of experienced Cosmetic Surgeons. Me Clinic has many years of experience and a portfolio of success stories, giving you peace of mind in knowing you can trust those responsible for your cheek fillers.

Our experts take the time to ensure the outcome selected is right for you, with high-levels of care to guarantee excellent results. We first ensure that the chosen procedures align with your goals, then apply our in-depth preparation processes to keep you informed, comfortable and safe on each step of your cosmetic journey. From understanding your recovery time to the expected results, we know that keeping you informed of all necessary details is the key to a more pleasant experience. Trust Me Clinic to ensure your complete wellbeing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Won't my new cheeks look out of proportion with the rest of my face?

Extreme examples have created this stigma around cheek fillers, often performed on celebrities. The primary goal should be high, defined cheekbones and a natural face curvature. Our team ensures that any cheek enhancements are tailored to the individuals' face, ensuring a natural look that suits the rest of your aesthetic. Our experienced practitioners know the appropriate amount of filler required to create a natural look for you.

What fillers will be used?

A Hyaluronic acid (HA) filler is the most common as it is a naturally occurring substance. As a natural sugar found in our bodies, this filler retains moisture and softness while adding volume.

Are there any side effects?

Associated risks are extremely low with cheek fillers. The most common side effects are redness, swelling, and pain at the injection site or in rare cases, firmness, lumps caused by the fillers, discolouration, or itching.

Due to the high-levels of training and experience within the Me Clinic team, side effects are kept to a minimum.

We ensure all precautions are taken before administering dermal fillers. These precautions minimise any risks and keep you safe while also ensuring the best results.

Before proceeding with any cosmetic procedure, patients should seek a second opinion from qualified healthcare practitioners.

The information on the website is for general guidance only and cannot be used as a basis to make a surgical decision, an initial consultation with our surgeon is required to help patients make an informed decision before proceeding with any surgical procedure.
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