Labiaplasty: How Does It Work And How Much Does It Cost?

Cosmetic surgery is often thought of in terms of facelifts and providing breast improvements, but there are other options available that can be of significant benefit as well. In particular, the labiaplasty procedure, which can rectify a sometimes uncomfortable or embarrassing situation.

Vaginal rejuvenation is a procedure that can alter the look and size of a woman’s outer genital area, creating an improvement in the look of the genital area, but also in the woman’s comfort levels and quality of life. This minimally invasive procedure is performed regularly at Me Clinic, and so we wanted to discuss the procedure here to provide more information and a better understanding about it.

What is a labiaplasty?

A labiaplasty is a surgical option that can alter the size of the inner and outer lips of the vagina. This can be genetics but is often required after childbirth or due to a woman having an enlarged labia. If this is the case, this section of the vagina will protrude out of the vaginal area and can sometimes be visible through clothing.

The labiaplasty procedure will reduce the size of the labia so the woman feels more comfortable and confident. If you feel a physical discomfort due to the chafing of your labia, this procedure can provide some relief.


A labiaplasty can alter the size of the lips of the vagina for women who have an enlarged labia minora. Ref:

How much does labiaplasty cost?

It can be difficult to provide an exact figure for the labiaplasty procedure, as every woman will have a different requirement. The cost is determined by the extent our surgeons will needs to go to for a solution that suits your situation.

For an exact cost, specific to your needs, a consultation will be required with our team. Our doctors will assess your current situation, determine the work required to meet your goals, then provide a no-obligation quote.

Preparing for the labiaplasty procedure

Your specific issue will determine the requirements of the labia reduction procedure. Usually, the process involves incisions made in the labia minora after which any unnecessary excess skin is removed.

A range of other treatments may be included to achieve the look or condition required for you. These can include a clitoral hood reduction or vaginoplasty which will tighten muscles in the vagina. Those types of procedures are most common for woman after childbirth.

In less severe cases, the procedure is quite minimal, only requiring a local anaesthesia. Some women may also benefit from combining a labiaplasty with other procedures, which is possible. But depending on the combination, you may require a general anaesthesia.


There is no need to be embarrassed! Our experts offer a labiaplasty or vaginal rejuvenation to help you feel more confident.

Do you think labiaplasty is right for you?

Book a consultation with the expert team at Me Clinic to discover whether or not a labia reduction is a good solution for your situation. This is a minimally invasive procedure that will reduce the size of the outer or inner labia with long-lasting results that can help improve the quality of your life.

You can also speak to our team about any of our other cosmetic improvements that we offer for the other parts of your body. Speak with the experts at Me Clinic today to understand which solution will increase your comfort and confidence levels with your body.

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