Dr Ashley Granot in Sydney Morning Herald

Dr Ashley Granot - Talks to Sydney Morning Herald about being a Cosmetic Surgeon

Source: Sydney Morning Herald

Dr Ashley Granot, 65, is a Melbourne-based cosmetic surgeon and father of five, including four girls. He has carried out procedures on three of them. His daughter Orley, 33, who is a lawyer based in New York, had liposuction when she was 18.

Ashley's story
As a young man, I had dreams of altruism and was about to go overseas to further my medical studies when fate stepped in. My baby son, Daniel, developed kidney disease.
Daniel needed regular dialysis and three kidney transplants, the third donated by my wife. We went on to have four healthy daughters, but Daniel's illness affected both family dynamics and my career.

I became a GP and then a cosmetic surgeon. I wanted to work with my hands and this was the only way I could do that and look after the family.

People don't have the kindest view of cosmetic surgery, but in every walk of life you have those who do their work with ethics. I turn away 10 to 20 per cent of potential patients. They are already lovely. But I understand we all have vanity. We all want to look as good as we can.

All five of my children give me enormous pleasure, but the one most like me is my middle daughter, Orley. She was a bright spark from the start. School, sport and social activities all came easily to her, but she still worked hard to be the best she could be. Once she sets a goal, there is no holding her back.

She qualified to be a lawyer, decided she wanted to work in New York, and applied to all the top firms until she got an offer.

Being a cosmetic surgeon means I look at everyone through a cosmetic surgeon's eyes. If I go to the beach, I don't see women in bikinis - I see a collection of problems.
When I look at my daughters, I scrutinise them, too, and have carried out liposuction on three of them. Other parents avail their children of their area of expertise. My area is cosmetic surgery, so why shouldn't I do the same? It's not a question of: "You are ugly, no-one will look at you." It's a question of perspective, like sending them to a good school.

Orley was 18 when I offered her liposuction to reshape her problem areas. She'd heard me talk about it before so I explained frankly how I could help her. She was devastated and started to cry, but in her inimitable style went ahead and has not complained since.

People might say: "Why didn't you just tell her to lose weight?" but that's not how it works. Bulges in the figure are not just related to being overweight, they're related to genetics. Even with weight loss, I know she wouldn't have achieved the lovely shape she has today. I don't regret it.

I believe we are all beautiful so long as we have a beautiful personality, but if you increase your advantage in the physical department, doors open more easily. I remember one woman who was turned down for job after job, even though she was highly qualified. She had impossible hips, as wide as a doorway. Once liposuction brought her body back into harmony, she was deluged with job offers. It was so obvious it was sickening.

I believe what I gave Orley has changed her life

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