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Pregnancy Stories - Fact or Fiction

Carly Petkovic - Talks to Cassy Small about predictions of your baby's sexy

Source: Cassy Small

During pregnancy your body goes through many transformations and your skin isn't immune to these changes. The most commonly talked about observation is the "pregnancy glow." This is due to an increase in the blood flow and oil glands secretion to the skin. Unfortunately for some this can mean having acne for the term of your pregnancy, usually clearing once you've given birth. The oral and topical vitamins A's that are commonly used to treat acne, are NOT to be used during pregnancy for the risk of causing birth defects.

Itching and heat rashes are also common among pregnant mothers. Rashes are cause by the body overheating, friction and sweating. As the body grows and skin stretches it will cause you to itch, this is skin cells renewing at a rapid rate to try to keep up with the growing mother's skin.

Another common side affect is Chloasma or "pregnancy mask." Cause by the hormones during pregnancy you may develop a dark shadowy appearance around your eyes and mouth. Often genetic and more common in darker skin types, this too should fade after your hormones rebalance. Sun protection is very important to help minimise this.

Linea Nigra is the name for the faint white line that runs from your navel to you pubic bone, once it turns dark. Usually this happens later in the pregnancy and may take some months to disappear after birth.

Some of the more long term changes to your skin could be and increase in hair growth all over the body, skin tags, spider veins and stretch marks. Here at the Me Clinic we offer non-invasive technology to improve all of these conditions. We sit down with you and discuss why this happens and together find a suitable solution, achieving the best possible outcome for you.

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