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Factor4 & Skin Needling with Michelle

December 02, 2015

As the skin therapist here at the me clinic, I have frequently performed skin needling on both patients and myself over the years with fantastic results. When Factor 4 was introduced to the me clinic  I needed to feel confident that the results would be much better then skin needling alone. Hence  I trialed this treatment on myself and other patients.

I was absolutely amazed at the difference in my skin. Rresults being firmer skin in particular under my eye area which was starting  to show definite signs of ageing, and I was not ready to have surgery at that  point in my life. I found  that my eye area is firmer and the fine lines have reduced dramatically. My entire face looks like I've had filler due to the plumping effect . Family and friends are commenting on how good my skin looks.  The Factor 4 treatments really turbo boosted the results compared to straight skin needling.  I actually don't perform straight skin needling now as the results do not compare to the needling and factor 4 combination.

Who can benefit?

Patients who are concerned with the following  conditions can benefit from Factor 4 treatments effectively
-          Wrinkles
-          Crepiness of the face, neck and décolletage (chest)
-          Back of hands
-          Dark circles around the eyes
-          Stretch marks
-          Scars
-          It also has a significant effect in reducing static face lines and tightening of the skin

The treatment process?

We will start with an initial consultation to discuss treatment and then arrange your appointments.
Firstly, we will need to obtain blood from you. You will be required to attend an appointment in the morning and our nursing staff will draw blood. Your blood will be incubated for six to nine hours.
During the incubation the blood is exposed to small glass beads that are etched with very tiny grooves. This causes a rapid increase in the formation of growth factors.
Your skin needling and Factor 4 treatments are performed four times in two week intervals. The downtime is minimal but the results are amazing.

How does Factor 4 work?

This treatment naturally stimulates collagenases significantly slowing down the skin's ageing process, reducing fine lines and wrinkles and improving the overall texture of the skin.
Patients can expect to start seeing results after a couple of weeks from the first  treatment.

Book your appointment with Michelle  to find out more and receive a special gift valued at $90.


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