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Ageing skin

Our skin is the largest organ of our body and it comprises three main layers, the dermis, epidermis and the subcutis. It’s a great indicator of our general health and like the rest of our body, it changes as we age. While we can’t stop the ageing process altogether, advances in dermatology can help slow down the inevitable, including finding ways to delay skin aging.

Our skin ages with the rest of our body as we get older. Ageing means our skin loses its ability to heal as quickly. The skin becomes thinner with age. And as we experience an overall reduction in collagen and elastin in our body, so does our skin. Skin changes can be challenging. It becomes less elastic, increasing in laxity and rhytids. Read on to find out more about ageing skin and suitable treatments from Me Clinic.

Signs of ageing skin

Knowing the visible signs of ageing skin is the first step in achieving healthier, smoother younger looking skin. Here are several things to look for when identifying ageing skin:

  • Age Spots. Also known as liver spots, these harmless spots appear as a result of overactive pigment cells. They often appear on sun-exposed areas of your body like the arms, shoulders and the back of your hands.
  • Lines and Wrinkles. The most common sign of ageing, is lines and wrinkles appear on your face due to loss of moisture, elastin and collagen in the skin. Also known as smile lines, marionette lines and frown lines, they can be combated with the right anti-ageing treatment.
  • Dry Skin. As you get older, the amount of natural moisture your skin produces reduces. This can result in the epidermis being dryer than usual. Sun damage is another contributing factor to dry skin.
  • Skin tone. With ageing comes the inevitable change in skin tone. Your skin tends to produce less oil than before, dead skin cells build up and slower skin renewal means there are fewer new skin cells to combat dull skin.
  • Sagging Skin. Another sign of ageing skin is the appearance of sagging skin. As your body produces less collagen and elastin, your skin begins to droop and sag. This also results in jowls and eye bags or loss of volume in cheekbones.
  • Bruising. Your skin may become less supple and prone to bruising. This is a result of the blood vessel walls in your skin becoming weaker and thinner, hence making them easier to break resulting in bruising.

Clinical features of skin ageing

The science behind the causes of skin ageing can be broken down into 5 categories. These are namely, intrinsic ageing, extrinsic ageing, lifestyle factors, hormonal changes and catabolic.

  • Intrinsic aging. Internal factors such as genetics account for intrinsic aging. Clinical features include increased dullness in skin tone, dryness, and loss of elasticity with the onslaught of old age. Structural changes occur within the dermis and epidermis resulting in further skin ageing.
  • Extrinsic Ageing. When it comes to external factors that affect skin ageing, the biggest culprits are ultraviolet irradiation and environmental factors. Prolonged sun exposure is responsible for several effects of facial skin aging and photoaged skin which is the premature aging of skin due to sun exposure or excessive tanning. The risks of skin cancer like melanoma or squamous cell carcinoma are increased when our skin is subject to sun exposure. Squamous cell carcinoma is cancer of the middle and outer layer of the skin, between the dermis and the epidermis. Some individuals have experienced hyper-pigmentation or hypo-pigmentation, uneven skin texture like keratosis, or yellowing of the skin, also known as solar elastosis.
  • Smoking is another key factor in the acceleration of skin ageing. The elastic fibres in your skin began to degrade with smoking resulting in facial wrinkles and uneven skin tone.
    Hormonal factors. Menopause affects all women to varying degrees. Many individuals have experienced accelerated ageing as a result of changes in hormone levels or dysfunction of the hormonal system. Reduction in estrogen has a diminishing effect on collagen levels in the skin, skin thickness and the epidermal barrier function.
  • Nutrition. Lifestyle choices are essential to good health and this is especially true when it comes to skin’s health. A balanced diet of fresh whole foods aids in maintaining luscious, healthy-looking skin thus slowing down the signs of ageing. Proper nutrition and hydration ensure skin stays supple, natural looking and young.
  • Catabolic Aging. This is a side effect of chronic disease. Depletion in the immune system, cancer, diabetes or infections contributes to the degradation of the skin acting as a catalyst to the ageing process.

Reducing the signs of ageing skin

While it might not be possible to turn back the hands of time, there are some things you can do to prevent premature aging of the skin. Minor changes to your daily habits can have a positive effect on the quality of your skin condition as your skin changes. Read on to learn more handy tips:

  • Reduce sun damage. Avoid unnecessary or prolonged sun exposure and UV radiation. We need a good amount of the all-important Vitamin D, however, it is vital that you protect yourself from harmful ultraviolet rays (UVA). Always use sunscreen for optimum sun protection when outdoor.
  • Improve diet. Introduce more fresh fruit for Vitamin C intake, and vegetables high in antioxidants into your diet and reduce your intake of sugary foods, processed food and refined carbohydrates. A good diet and proper hydration are key to maintaining good skin health.
  • Reduce alcohol intake. Alcohol is a contributing factor to premature aging. By reducing your alcohol intake, you slower the skin ageing process.
  • Skincare. Develop a good skincare routine. Wash your skin daily with a gentle cleanser packed with the right active ingredients like retinol. This will remove, excess oil, dirt, makeup and any other irritants. Maintain good skincare with non-comedogenic moisturizer to prevent dryness in the skin.

Fighting against Skin Aging

Thanks to advancements in medical health and dermatology, Me Clinic has a range of treatments effective in the fight against premature skin aging. From non-invasive treatments including topical creams and skin care products containing hyaluronic acid to injectables and laser treatments, you will find a treatment suited for your skin conditions. We treat skin ageing, lesions and many other skin conditions on a broad spectrum.

Below are just a few of the procedures available to improve the basal cell of your skin, or rejuvenate the cell layer for younger, natural-looking skin. In cases where the Fine Lines & Wrinkles are moderate to very deep, there is Lax & Sagging Skin, and in the advanced stage of Skin Ageing a Facelift Procedure or Laser Skin Resurfacing may be a viable alternative.

How do we treat Skin Ageing?

Anti-ageing treatments

Anti-ageing treatments excel at restoring youth and vitality to your skin. These treatments are specially honed to improve the appearance of your face, neck and chest. Me Clinic provides a myriad of anti-ageing treatments from non-invasive dermal fillers, chemical peels, anti-wrinkle injections, microdermabrasion and laser skin resurfacing to name a few.

These procedures aim to enhance the natural supply of collagen to the skin. When the body undergoes the natural ageing process, it is expected that the body’s collagen levels reduce and deteriorate. With the aid of anti-ageing treatments, you can regain plumpness in your skin so you feel rejuvenated. Coupled with an improved skincare regime, you can be guaranteed youthful more natural-looking skin for a long time to come.

Where to get help

With over 35 years of experience in treating Skin, Facial Rejuvenation and Cosmetic Medicine, the Me Clinic is here to provide you with the best in anti-aging treatments. The Treatments and Treatment Plans we have developed can effectively deal with any Skin Conditions and problems you may have, and also slow down and reverse the skin’s ageing process.

How do I find out more about Skin Ageing and Skin Anti-Ageing Treatments?

Please contact the Me Clinic. A no-obligation consultation with one of our Cosmetic Physicians or Clinicians and Aestheticians is essential so your skin can be examined and assessed for the most suitable Skin Anti-Ageing treatments. We ensure you will be fully informed and understand your options before commencing any treatment. Contact us to meet our specialised team today for more information and we will respond at the earliest.

Surgical Warning: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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