Hyper-Pigmentation Treatment

Hyper-Pigmentation or Excessive Skin Pigmentation is a result of abnormal production and deposition of melanin by the melanocytes. Melanocytes are pigment-producing cells.

The numbers of melanocytes present in our skin and their rate of pigment production determines our skin colour. Production of melanin is also dependant on Ultra Violet light or Sun exposure, and is a natural protective mechanism of the skin. Hyper-Pigmentation is excess production of melanin while Hypo-Pigmentation is the loss of skin pigmentation because of reduced melanin levels.

Hyper-Pigmentation can be classified into Epidermal (superficial), Dermal (deep) and mixed. The classification of the Hyper-pigmentation determines the type of treatments that are likely to be effective.

We have over 35 years’ experience in treating Skin, Facial Rejuvenation and Cosmetic Medicine. We have developed effective Treatments and Treatment Plans to deal with any Skin Conditions and problems you may have, and slow down and reverse the skin’s ageing process.

How do we treat Hyper-Pigmentation?

A no obligation consultation with one of our Cosmetic Physicians or Clinicians and Aestheticians is essential so your skin can be examined and assessed for the most suitable Hyper-Pigmentation treatments.

How do I find out more about Hyper-Pigmentation and Hyper-Pigmentation Treatments?

Please contact the Me Clinic. We have over 35 years of Cosmetic Medicine experience to share with you. We ensure you will be fully informed and understand your options before commencing any treatment.

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